#101 A quick scoot around the world

I picked up a few treats to bring back and share with my music famalam 🙂

Meet Detroit’s finest basement garage rockers – The Intended –  bringing a raw DIY cacophany of music to Soundcloud this week.

Beginning with a style that could well be a ‘my first song’ attempt from an angsty teenager from wherever at 50″ in we meet TORRES. A beautifully modern female alt. rock n roller who is so desperately needed in a world dominated by queens of the 90’s and 00’s who are sticking around.

For those of you who are regular to this blog you’ll know I often flirt with the new R&B scene in the states. SZA is a recent love, with her cryptically romantic pop sounding wonderful in my playlist. Meet Jazmine Sullivan – who may be a familiar name for those of you listening from the States – but trust me, the rest of the world needs people like Jaz with her outstanding vocals and art of harnessing the soulful R&B spirit without being of that era.

Super excited about Call Signs from Brisbane who are doing something not unlike Hell Is For Heroes kickstarted in the 00’s in the UK. Alt. rock in the broadest sense combining the post-hardcore riffs with the melodic robot rock vocals of so many cult bands. Just looking through their influences list on Facebook confirms why they sound so great with this killer track “Hail”.

Feeling a little blue in the break down of Blink-182 this week? Well, don’t worry. There’s more on the way from the pop punk scene to keep you going whilst they sort out who wears the crown. Meet Boy Wonder straight off the Triple J Unearthed pickings this week who offer a great fun-fuelled anthem.

I’m still in awe at how much amazing music is still ‘undiscovered’ around the globe. I can’t believe for example that someone like Oscilla is still not known by the masses. This sounds like an international smash right here and it’s still in it’s infancy! GET SHARING GUYS! It’s a sick tune.

Elise x


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