#103 I have a song with my name in!

After the years of hearing the likes of ‘Emily’, ‘Shelly’ and whoever else on lyrics, Hong Kong’s OneDayMore have released one mentioning Elise! YAY! And to top it off it’s a bloody good punk / alt. rock!

The absolute find of the moment is Von Sell. From Brooklyn but studied in Hamburg, David Von Sell has the perfect combination of Euro-electro and east coast indie dance in one. And for a first upload this is very very strong stuff. I wonder if he’s working alone in all of this….hmm.

Oh boy! Smashing Pumpkins eat your heart out. Tired Lion is a pretty rad grunge rock act straight outta Perth with a wicked female frontwoman who knows her stuff. This is exactly the kind of music I wanted to make as a teenager in my mates garage, except these guys can actually sing and play very well…something I can’t quite say of teenage Elise.

I can’t believe this track has laid dormant for the past 7 months online. Brought to my attention by the Triple J Unearthed  crew GXNXVS brings  perfectly balanced mix of Australasian and EU / USA tropical dance / house vibes. Very dreamy, with slight connections to the ODESZA sound.

Elise x

#102 The sky opened up

That it did…

Thanks for the memories. For introducing me to The Hives and The D4 and starting me on the slippery slope that lead me to working on that legendary show. Life just changed. In an over dramatic ‘get over it way’. Sure.

Sivu ft. Rae Morris “The Nile” is one powerful track. Piano keys allow this track to straddle emotion, dance and pop genres effortlessly.

Young Buffalo have made something not too dissimilar to Grizzly Bear meets upbeat tropical. Beautifully upbeat and cheery. I love it 🙂

I’m never usually a hip-hop fan but this new track from The Four Owls that reminds me of Ty’s “Haha” classic from yonder year.

And switching back to some rich rock in the form of Black Peaks. Rich and loud with hints of SOAD and Arcane Roots.

And leaving you with a suitably off-key grungy production from Bright’s Demob Happy who I hope have started a riot and inspired future acts to release such raucous madness as theirs.

Elise x