#103 I have a song with my name in!

After the years of hearing the likes of 'Emily', 'Shelly' and whoever else on lyrics, Hong Kong's OneDayMore┬áhave released one mentioning Elise! YAY! And to top it off it's a bloody good punk / alt. rock! The absolute find of the moment is Von Sell. From Brooklyn but studied in Hamburg, David Von Sell has... Continue Reading →

#102 The sky opened up

That it did... Thanks for the memories. For introducing me to The Hives and The D4 and starting me on the slippery slope that lead me to working on that legendary show. Life just changed. In an over dramatic 'get over it way'. Sure. Sivu ft. Rae Morris "The Nile" is one powerful track. Piano... Continue Reading →

#101 A quick scoot around the world

I picked up a few treats to bring back and share with my music famalam ­čÖé Meet Detroit's finest basement garage rockers - The Intended -┬á bringing a raw DIY cacophany of music to Soundcloud this week. Beginning with a style that could well be a 'my first song' attempt from an angsty teenager from... Continue Reading →

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