#99 problems, but this blog ain’t one.

I think the second you start finding something a chore you probably need to take a break – realise it isn’t for you – or change the way you go about doing it. Luckily for me, having to listen to oodles of music a week and sharing some with you really isn’t a big deal. In fact I bloody love doing it…and if you don’t mind I’ve got a few new bits to share with you below.

GhostNoises are one of those gems that I see on the Triple J Unearthed Uploader where all the grassroots Aussie acts turn to for their first taste of multiplatform media love. It was a good choice as they gained an international fan. Sounding a little like Patrick Wolf thrown into a modern electro-infused era.

And indie dance duo from Brooklyn you say? How rare? Haha – no, we’re not pigeonholing here, but Matt and Kim have done a good job of bringing pop into the eastern seaboard dance scene bringing casio keyboard pre-programmed keys back to the forefront.

Love a good bit of ukelele in a track. We’ve supported Mesita before on the blog, but never before has this Colorado artist produced such a thoughtful, multi-genre track as with “Build A Prison”. A great introductory track to this artist if you’ve not heard before.

I’ve recently heard a track called “Feral” by Audego  – a really hype Melbourne act who doing what Aussie’s exclusively seem to be able to do at the moment – sound original and sound great doing it!

The thing I love about Never Young is that you’re constantly thrown back and forth from a smooth pyschedelic rock band and a full on post-hardcore raucous outfit. I like having a bit of both in one song. Reminiscent of the Canadian scene of late, this Californian outfit have a great EP en route.

There’s a lot of exciting new Future R&B acts coming out of the woodwork of late and Refs is a great addition to the platter. Strong debut!

Lovely bit of Aussie tropical dance (a la Flume) mixed with pop comes in the form of New Zealander Maya Payne this week.

OMG – Slaves eat your heart out, punk is back and it’s L O U D. Pampers are out giving New Yorkers a damn good time it seems. 1min 48’s worth of rarr? Ok then.

And leaving you with Washington DJ SoySauce who’s brought a lovely house meets tropical dance mix with his latest soundcloud offering “Broken Record”.

Elise x

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