#98 New year – more music :-)

Which is never a bad thing! Starting as we mean to go on, here’s a snapshot of all the new stuff that’s cropped up over christmas to catch up on.

Of Montreal are a band that I wouldn’t traditionally be a fan of – but on second listen think they have something in their new track “Empyrean Abbatoir” that sits nicely in my alt. rock realm.

Washington DC trio Swings are raring up to rival the current sweethearts of the electro-indie scene, Years & Years. With tropical influencing and an accomplished frontman who knows how to sing, we’re onto a winner with this one.

Oooo – check this out for bouncy bass: meet Troy Samuela whose trap music combines the the spot-on productions of Hudon Mohawk with the barely-there style of Rustie. Sounding brill.

I love the fact that in a place that’s not the UK, a post-punk, loud, shouty band can get 41k+ likes on Facebook no probs. Single Mothers are an absolute gem out in London, Ontario bringing banger after banger 😀

And leaving you with a marmite artist – Mr Thom Yorke – who despite his funny quirks does make killer tunes. Be it under his Radiohead days or as a proven soloist in the electronic world, his music is stand-out and atmospheric. Emotional and compelling – I can’t help but go into a bit of a thinking daze listening to his music – escapism as it’s best. Thanks Thom.

Elise x


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