#100 I made it! Do I get a letter from the Queen?

Apparently blog post birthdays don't equate to human years. Well...that sucks. Nevermind. Slutever are a great indie rock find from this week. The American post-grunge female answer to Slaves perhaps? Oh, and I imagine this is what Courtney Love sounded like at the age of 12 or whatever - before she crafted that gravelly tone... Continue Reading →

#99 problems, but this blog ain’t one.

I think the second you start finding something a chore you probably need to take a break - realise it isn't for you - or change the way you go about doing it. Luckily for me, having to listen to oodles of music a week and sharing some with you really isn't a big deal.... Continue Reading →

#98 New year – more music :-)

Which is never a bad thing! Starting as we mean to go on, here's a snapshot of all the new stuff that's cropped up over christmas to catch up on. Of MontrealĀ are a band that I wouldn't traditionally be a fan of - but on second listen think they have something in their new track... Continue Reading →

House Of Savages #4

We're at it again! Me and my House Of Savages team are back to kick start your 2015 with a great line-up of alternative rock bands. The best part is, you're all invited and it's free! So even if you (like me) are skint until the next pay check it's all dandy. Taking place at... Continue Reading →

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