#96 Twas the night before Christmas.

Not quite…but it certainly feels like I need a nap and a large and piggish portion of food (left my lunch at home…bugger).

Found reason No. 8983490589047689 to love Triple J Unearthed – they were the first home of GRRL PAL – Perth’s Aussie answer to CHVRCHES, without the seriousness of their Scottish pals.

In the scarily similar vein to Jaymes Young, both bring from Los Angeles, could make Lostboycrow just another future R&B meets pop act out there. The reality is that with every artist there are certain quirks, preferences and vocal traits that make them distinct. Lostboycrow has captured a real pop essence to his sounds that mean his first ever upload to Soundcloud has already turned heads.

I first heard Sydney’s Redial a couple of weeks back and couldn’t place my finger on his style. Flume-esque AUS dance? Or tropical Skrillex? After careful consideration I’ve concluded that as long as it sounds like the bollocks it’s worth sharing. “Work It Down” is the bollocks so we’re all good.

London producer Royce Wood Jr. has already chummed up with the right crowd in London and it take about 7 seconds of listening to his debut “Rover” to hear the boys got talent. Totally refreshing from the likes of Disclosure and Route 94, with appealing elements to American house this is a stunning first track from someone who’s clearly got a tonne of chart-smashes on his laptop ready to unleash in 2015.

Hindsights are a great UK based alt-band that bring melodic sing-a-long choruses with post-grunge verses and hooks to the new music table. Ones to watch…

Minimal beats and hip hop in a big ol’melting point is the recipe of the day for Black Vanilla – another Sydney offering whose profile and sound likens them to the AUS version of Burial.

Vaults are an alternative Florence & The Machine…with toned down wailing. An enchanting first listen for me was to “Vultures” whose atmospheric, evocative feel would fit perfectly on a film score.

I think if this has been anyone but an unknown to my iTunes I’d be telling you WTF…but this slightly off key beat with sythy piece being a fresh slate to my ears I’ve been drawn in. In the same way White Town’s “I Could Never Be Your Woman” was a bit odd…this works perfectly. Meet Nicholas Allbrook. 

And leaving you with some Christmas cheer in the form of Marilyn Manson – a man who never ceases to bring dark, scary and dominating sprinklings to his rock music. A king…

Have a bloody great Christmas break guys  – speak in the New Year with the next summary of new music from across the globe and a new House Of Savages gig night to put in your diary.

Love & chips,

Elise xx


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