#95 Put three people in a room and what d’ya get?

What do you get when you put Diplo, Rostam (Vampire Weekend) and Edward (Grizzly Bear) into a room? Well, there’s no guarantee they were ever in the same room together all at the same time (it’s highly unlikely actually), but they did come out with some pretty good stuff. Check out “Long Way Home” – a free download – that fits nicely onto my pre-christmas non-cheesey crap playlist 🙂

Amsterdam is known for a lot of things, but not for it’s garage punk. Perhaps St Tropez are the ones to change all this with a debut album out and some stonking tunes to get peoples heads turning.

Anything Ty Segall touches is bloody epic. Back again (so soon after an album) with more noise. Good noise.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter that you’re hearing tracks in demo form because they still give off that special something that tells you you’ve got a keeper. Jake In The Swamp from Amsterdam is one such example of exceptional talent, beautiful vocal, excellent musicianship with his guitar and promising first songs.

Lemuria are a great garage band who perfectly encapsulate the college spirit with upbeat melodies to bring a smile to anyone’s face in this grim time of year for the Northern Hemisphere.

For ‘nod-ya-head’ American indie look no further than Rusty Maples – another (thankfully) example of how to come from the south-western states of the USA and not make moody future R&B inspired tunage. Extra kudos for hitting the high notes. Yes, I’ve watched them do this live and they can actually sing it pitch perfect!

For scuzzy indie with a dashing of shoegazer try Vundabar for size. This Boston three-piece have gained my support after hearing this awesome autumn anthem for the masses. The UK guitar bands have a lot to learn from artists like this.

I first mentioned PVRIS back in October and they’ve been impressing me ever since – this time they’ve done it by covering Alunageorge’s ‘You Know You Like It’ which was one of my suprise anthems of 2012. Being a bit of a rocker, their brand of electro R&B wasn’t a given future favourite of mine. PVRIS’ cover not only shows me how they have brilliantly devoured the track into their own style, but also reminds me of how great the original was. Great job guys.

There’s something up north that makes certain people make rather dark alt. rock. From the Mother Vulpine days, to God Damn and now fresh off the meat block Kagoule. Grungey yet melodic, riffing yet indie, dark yet upbeat. Their math approach give their music a little extra to stand out from the new-comers crowd this season.

Elise x


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