#97 Alive And Amplified’s Top 10 of 2014

And as another year comes to a close, let us not forget the incredible year that's passed us by! Years and Years came from nowhere to take on the world - DZ DEATHRAYS came back with an album that was one of the must haves of the year, Pitbull kept making music and thank god the Foo Fighters did return,... Continue Reading →

#96 Twas the night before Christmas.

Not quite...but it certainly feels like I need a nap and a large and piggish portion of food (left my lunch at home...bugger). Found reason No. 8983490589047689 to love Triple J Unearthed - they were the first home of GRRL PAL - Perth's Aussie answer to CHVRCHES, without the seriousness of their Scottish pals. In the scarily... Continue Reading →

#94 Describing music with words

It's really hard to do this sometimes. How do you explain that a combination of vibrations makes you feel amazing? That it resonates with something on an emotional level in your brain? Deep right. Portico are one of those bands whose music makes my words feel like sloppy toddler-speak. Such majestic beautifully constructed layered pieces... Continue Reading →

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