#91 Gay Dog Food

Eh? Yeah – that title will be explained later.

Can someone please notify me when a shit artist comes out of Brighton? Because it doesn’t seem like they have any. People flock from far and wide to reside in the seaside area to be engulfed by the music scene and essentially hone their talent. But does anyone not succeed? Heard another Brighton hot-tip this week by the name of Chalk. Nice bit of distortion on the ol’amp has never sounded better.

Also – how the hell have I just found out about Benjamin Booker?! I love my modern day interpretation of rock n roll and straight outta New Orleans Benjamin brings a fun, authentic vibe without the slickness and arena filter of The Black Keys. Early Kings Of Leon fans look no further.

Mykki Blanco presents Gay Dog Food. I love it. I love that title even more because it comes from a cross-dressing New York rapper who isn’t all kitsch gay queen, but makes sweet beats. He probably scares the other Brooklyn rappers so much they just let him get on with his unique interpretation of hip hop meets Death Grips-esque beat madness.

Start with ” A Moment With Kathleen”…

I was trying to explain my next act Harry Edwards to a friend and I think the best way is…the East Anglian Ben Khan? The American R&B tinted Jai Paul? Either way this track is something special and new so have a first listen here

I get that Father John Misty is essentially a religiously fuelled artist. I get it. But it doesn’t stop someone from having a good voice and putting that together with instruments to make a good noise. Sounding like an Ed Harcourt record that would fit nicely into the S. Darko soundtrack, topped with a bit of echo on the voice, this is a gorgeous down-time song.

Wooho! Someone out of Los Angeles that isn’t trying the future R&B soulful smooth sound of The Neighbourhood or Sir Sly. Meet Mating Ritual, offering anthemic indie electro tropical vibes in the void that the likes of Dan Croll have left for the time being.

And leaving us today with another phenomenal discovery thanks to Triple J UnearthedGOVS. Alt. pop with a gorgeous electro breakdown around 1.26 in. I need to find out more about this act that has become a most played in the space of days on my iTunes.

Elise x


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