#90 Insert Runaway

I do love a good shouty bit of punk. Big Ups encapsulate this perfectly in their new offering “Rash”. In Kurt Cobain-esque vocal squall “I’m a rash” hits hard for a hook. Melodic enough for you rock fans and every big raucous and loud for punk peeps.

Not many can pull off a song about the dude that delivers bovine generated beverages to your home. However, this Nashville quartet have pulled it off, channeling the spirit of high school rock with a dash of the American grunge for added measure. It’s not often that a female lead artist takes my fancy, but Bully stood out as something I could happily invite onto my playlist.

I love delving the realms of the internet to find bloody brilliant alternative tunes. I would pretty much guarantee I’ll find a handful of absolute tunes and new favourite artists every week, but some record labels never cease to amaze me with nailing new signing or releases that sound like my new favourite jam. Father/Daughter records are one such label that are shit hot on it! Happy Diving bring a full, grungey, punk rock sound to the table with fanciful upbeat melodies.

After just 4 days on Soundcloud, London band Ex’s have already triggered all the blog-heads and new music connoisseurs to go wild. If you put the Pixies and Weezer in a blender you would get this. Salivating at the e-sidelines for more music from these guys.

“My Father Drives The Death Star” is one hell of a name for a track. Beard Of Wolves first came to my ears at The Great Escape earlier this year in Brighton, but this cropped up again in my radar recently for no particular reason. A second (and this time not passed) chance to share some melodic prog-rock noise 🙂

And leaving you with an act who have the lust factor nailed. Having posted just 3 songs online since I first discovered them back in April Klo have presented 3 perfectly tantilising tracks. “Under Lie” is the latest focussing more on samples and pitched vocals than the previous offerings. Appealing to the tropical dance scene of their native Australia, whilst retaining that London Grammar-esque style that appeals so much to the UK / US markets at present.

This next one is a bit of an oddball for this blog. Ginger And The Ghost stood out to me on the strength of vocal talent. Sounding like a weird combination of Kate Bush, Maura Davis (of Denali) and at times Karen O (when she sings). It’s quite mellifluous and may open the door to a genre you’d otherwise never touch.

Hailing from The Black Country -which I later discovered not to be a Facebook fictionary location but an actual place – have already tempted the likes of Pulled Apart By Horses and any of the alt. rock scene in Leeds. Unsurprisingly. With their primed explosive lyrics, rough riffs and growling vocals God Damn are a fine example of young rockers in the UK.

We all love a good pop song really. At heart we can all name that first CD or song you knew all the words to in the playground. If you’re denying it…you’re a LIAR! Haha. Honours are a fantastic indie band with a big anthem here in “Bulletproof”. Hailing from London town I wish we knew about this track at the start of the summer. A perfect festival jam right?!

And continuing the trend of curveball tracks for the blog, my last guilty pleasure is RnB future superstar Kyan. Frank Ocean meets Raury is not something many can admit to disliking. With hype production and soulful vocals I would love to sample this live. Such powerful stuff is this, I can imagine it sitting happily in a film soundtrack. Whilst Kwabs “Pray For Love” was the melancholy tear-jerking opener, this could be the romantic, aspirational ending that’ll leave you with a smile on your face as your leave the cinema…. well. That’s what I hear. Check it out and see if you agree…

Elise x


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