#93 If you thought Ariana Grande could hit the high notes.

She ain’t got nothing on Kacy Hill. Los Angeles singer who’s taking on the realms of Banks and Indiana with this future R&B flow. An American Apparel model, whose freckles are worn as proudly as the clothing in her shoots, hits high notes beautifully without the cringe that you may experience with Sia’s “Chandelier”.

Oh hello Savoir! Found you in kicking up the internet this weekend. Female fronted Jai Paul sound meets souls with a MSMR vocal straight outta Perth.

Do love a bit of dark grime now and then. Now he’s stopped making music with Robbie Williams to reach out to the mainstream, I am proud of Dizzee Rascal. This East London boy has come back with a ‘pay attention’ sticker warning (same as Wiley) with some hard-hitting, dirty basslines.

Next up is Will Butler (Win’s bro in Arcade Fire) who’s brought some butt-shaking rock n roll from the deep south with his new material. Album written and soon coming, this isn’t a bad teaser to keep us  interested.

And it’s not all across the water that the talent is bubbling up either – Liverpool’s very own Glue Moon popped up on my radar this week. With sticky thuddy bass in the mix and undemanding vocal performance I reckon artists like these are to tweens what Radiohead was to my generation Y.

And love a good demo quality track from a huge artist. One of my favourite songs of all time is the durgey, unmixed demo of “Tired Of Sex” by Weezer. Rough and grizzly as Rivers intended. Paramore have shown their rock roots in the recently shared demo “Tell Me It’s Okay” that is what I imagined all American garage bands to sound like when I was a teenager. Fun, raw but with fine-tuned talent waiting for the mixing desk to do it’s radio friendly work.

I remember meeting Don Broco for the first time a few years ago and talking about (amongst other things) their ‘dancing’ on stage. Some of the things I love about this band is that they take their music seriously, they love acts like Incubus and Papa Roach (for those of you that have read this blog or know me, you know this is a very good thing), and write killer tunes. But they are still fine to fanny around on stage in perfectly timed formation entertain and mobilise the crowd. Still serving one of the best atmospheres at a gig I’ve experienced in my life, Don Broco are back.

And leaving you with one of those songs that makes you smile. Warm and bluesy for the dark nights drawing in – meet Leon Bridges –Fort Knox’s answer to audio honey.

Elise x

#92 Nights In The Dark

…obvious when you think about it, but still a great thing. Nights wouldn’t be so cool with light and California X have picked up on this and made a killer second album with said title track being a bit of an anthem.

Looking at song names that make sense, “Hello” is a great one for new Glaswegian band Jim Valentine who (2 songs into their Soundcloud profile) have released something early Arctic Monkeys fans can drool over. This songs so better with every listen and it won’t be long before some big name band has nabbed them for a UK support tour slot. SXSW 2015 too should pay attention.

WILLS is what I call the Bronx interpretation of Jai Paul or Ben Khan. Electro, ambient, tropical, woozy, whatever you want to call it, this sound is addictive and will stick both sides of the Atlantic. Cast your ears over this as a priority new music hounds. Don’t be left out…

Is it bold to say SZA is my Mary J Blige of alternative R&B? Not at all if this brand of cryptically romantic brand of pop-inspired stuff keeps being brought out. Since hearing “Ice Moon” 18 months ago I’ve been hooked.

Clarence Clarity is another one we started early on, reminding me non-directly of The Child Of Lov (RIP buddy), but with his own odd yet great concoction of funk, indie and pop, he’s back with another cult hit. If you’re going out to see Jungle turn out early for the support act – he’s worth it.

Seems like southern soul has crept it’s way up the states to Michigan in the form of Curtis Harding. Love a bit of scuzz with a soulful voice!

Two Buffalo boys made an indie hit. X Ambassadors pick it up and turn it into a club smash. With under 300 likes on Facebook the duo Royal Tongues are about to sky rocket with a trap treatment.

Aside from my love of the Aussie music scene I’ve also got a soft spot for Canadian alt. rock. Billy Moon through Waterbodies have been on the blog list since it’s formation with a big splash of love from me. Meet Viet Cong – my latest love from Calgary with Arcade Fire influence for sure.

And leaving you with fresh meat in the form of Zibra, originating from near Peterborough and claiming influence from the likes of Depeche Mode (who were bloody cool back in the day), this is loud and different. In a great way.

Elise x