#93 If you thought Ariana Grande could hit the high notes.

She ain't got nothing on Kacy Hill. Los Angeles singer who's taking on the realms of Banks and Indiana with this future R&B flow. An American Apparel model, whose freckles are worn as proudly as the clothing in her shoots, hits high notes beautifully without the cringe that you may experience with Sia's "Chandelier". Oh hello... Continue Reading →

#92 Nights In The Dark

...obvious when you think about it, but still a great thing. Nights wouldn't be so cool with light and California X have picked up on this and made a killer second album with said title track being a bit of an anthem. Looking at song names that make sense, "Hello" is a great one for new... Continue Reading →

#91 Gay Dog Food

Eh? Yeah - that title will be explained later. Can someone please notify me when a shit artist comes out of Brighton? Because it doesn't seem like they have any. People flock from far and wide to reside in the seaside area to be engulfed by the music scene and essentially hone their talent. But does... Continue Reading →

#90 Insert Runaway

I do love a good shouty bit of punk. Big Ups encapsulate this perfectly in their new offering "Rash". In Kurt Cobain-esque vocal squall "I'm a rash" hits hard for a hook. Melodic enough for you rock fans and every big raucous and loud for punk peeps. Not many can pull off a song about... Continue Reading →

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