#89 Aquawave – another genre to add to your iTunes

No, seriously. Misun are that band that have the most ridiculously sounding genre attached to their band. But listen…it’ll make sense. In the same way SZA makes cryptically romantic pop (a bit of a mouthful as well as a bit eh?), these crazy garbled genre names come across perfectly when listening to the output. Check out the DC trio’s new tune and reminisce of summer-times past.

A heads up for yet another new Oceaan track that popped up on Soundcloud. This Manchester producer is the British version of the Aussie tropical dance (exemplified by Flume) and is just a taste of his brilliant new EP The Grip which we can get our hands on mid-Nov.

Let’s take a recap as well to Canadian rockers Waterbodies who have returned with a devilishly good tune that is an old meld of We Are Scientists meets Pulled Apart By Horses.  As well as bringing a swaggish spirit to their interpretation of rock, they have found some bloody good spitting image lego figures to support them in life. WIN

Jakwob and FTSE, aka Get Hot, sound as hype as Hadouken were, when they were the hottest thing you can listen to on MySpace…but for the modern day. Raucous and armed with angry lyrics, this is the kind of stuff raves were made from. With an odd DFA1979 twang in this recent offering “Fight”, I can’t help but listen again and again. In the sphere that Clarence Clarity has yet to own with his odd rock/electro mix, Get Hot are owning it.

And a nice surprise for me having a browse through the BBC Introducing Uploader (one of the many things I do in life), I found these fellas have relocated to LONDON?! HELL YEAH! I am totally up for a mosh pit with these guys at the helm. I imagine all the killer pits of FIDLAR, Together Pangae and Ty Segall merged into one sweaty oblivion occurring. Meet The Whig Whams. Ah…heavenly 🙂

And leaving you with a bit of a “find” on the net: Iva Gonza. M.I.A and Elliphant mixed by the Mad Decent crew is what you should expect pressing play on this beast. Yolandi (Die Antwoord)…girl you got Russian competition here.

Elise x

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