#88 In the world of Scott Pilgrim – I would be a very happy perso

…but more on that later.

Capturing that long-forgotten spirit of late 90’s / early 00’s, Irish indie pop band Jet Setter are first up this week, bringing their first track “Dippin Toes’ to the internet. At times sounding like an early Foo’s record and at others not too far out there to hear a Jarvis Cocker vocal likeness, I’m super impressed with this effortless introduction.

Another new offering, this time from the States, is Massachusetts based PVRIS. The video is a little odd…but nothing too mind-boggling that it wouldn’t fit this pop-rock anthem. A brand new signing to Rise/Velocity Records this summer, I think the likes of Tonight Alive and Paramore have some fresh talent biting at their heels.

It’s been quiet for a while in the Crushed Beaks camp after they released “Close-Ups” and “Grim” that straddled that post-punk meets shoegazer boundary with very Matt Bigland-esque vocals shining through. Back with an announcement that their new EP Scatter is on the way for February 2015, “Rising Sign” is another track that shows how very important this band will be for our playlists in the very near future.

London-producer Tourist is back with another smash. After starting the summer with “I Can’t Keep Up” featuring Will Heard, “Wait” takes us back to his roots as an atmos-producer, bringing his own take on that Aussie dance sound exemplified by Flume.

Next up is American electro maestro Big Data whose anthemic tropical, sparkly indie is brought to life by the vocals of White Sea. There’s a bit of careful treading that artists need to do over the seasonal transition period. They don’t want to be too happy chappy here’s summer, when the Northern Hemisphere is pulling out the coats and hats…without bringing a downer on the summer brothers in the south. “The Business Of Emotion” is a perfect balance of both.

Los Angeles producer BC kingdom is a ridiculously good listen, bringing us a underground future RnB vibe. In the same way Jeremih has done his prep and worked the crowds up to actively look for his next track, BC kingdom is surely en route to being the next of that ilk with a track like this?

And leaving you with a very ‘Elise’ sounding band – complete with it’s scuzz, fuzz and rock n roll amplified feel – meet Pet Sun who’s track “Gimme Your Soul” is the perfect meld of FIDLAR and Ty Segall. Another band who would be a smash hit in the world of Scott Pilgrim and adored by the real life lovers of this incredibly fun music scene.

Elise x

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