#87 Everything from ethereal, to unique to RAW

Turns out if you don’t press save on things, you have to write them again!?!!!! So this is the second time I’ve written this piece. And I’ve enjoyed writing about all the artists #2 just as much 🙂

Portico are a little bit of a gem here in London town. With beautiful vocal lead ethereal electro music (a mouthful…but it does make sense). A splendid James Blake meets Antony and the Johnsons male voice over gorgeously layered and meaty eletro beats. Cannot get enough! And luckily more is on the way with Jamie Woon, Jono McCleery and Joe Newman (Alt-J) being part of their album production schedule with release penciled in for later this year.

Next up is Cosmo Sheldrake – an utterly unique and stand out songwriter – who in the same vein of Adult Jazz and Fun Adults makes refreshingly individual and genre defying tunes.

In the same way that Klo jumped out among the international new music offerings at the start of the summer, Montgomery – a duo from Queensland – have set a new bar for electro indie for the second half of the year. Signed to super cool, important indie Aussie label i oh you good things are in the works for these guys.

Sticking with the female lead vocal, next up is London duo Wonder Wonder who never cease to impress with their latest upload “Sharks”. Luckily for fans, they’re planning to upload a song a month for a year to tempt us into their world….

And ending up with an incredible discovery via BBC Introducing – Sharks. Punk rock n roll at it’s best and incredibly fresh out of the bowels of Camden Town here in London, England. Think Slaves but more RAW!

Elise x

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