#86 A bit of cryptic-infused genres for this week

I do love a bit of Manchester’s Oceaan. When people start discussing minimalist music I do often conjure up images cow bells and the kind of music associated with the twilight hours of 3-5am. In a way this is true, but it can still be bloody exciting. Oceean’s intricate sound and high quality production levels envelopes your ears whilst still staying true to his genre. New offering from him popped up this week:

Super cool TĀLĀ is also back repping the London scene, melding her Iranian roots with modern dance beautifully to create something the world needs to hear. “Alchemy” sounds like a smash hit waiting to get out to the masses.

It does seem that going to Brighton increases your creativity…Newcastle via Brighton to be precise for Demob Happy who have a brilliantly durgey QOTSA sound to their first offerings.

Next up is the enigmatic kp. – no idea who they are?! But this sounds very on it, in the same way Klo did on first listen. A Los Angeles singer who brings that cryptic sound to her alt. pop genre.

And leaving you with a future RnB hit from Melbourne act The Harpoons. Premiering their debut album on line this week, perfect pitch vocals and smooth beats are a good start to their international introduction.

Elise x

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