#84 Blurred Lines

I’ve always found the UK / USA alt rock scene to be extremely distinctive and although taking inspiration from each counterpart, never really sounding like the other. USA Nails is the first band from the UK that struck me as a quintessential alt. rock / noise band from the states. I mean yes, it does say USA in the name of the band, but I’m not sure the blatant connection was what the band were going for when thinking of what to call themselves. After becoming privy to some of the bands future material I can verify the future of this band is sounding ridiculously good.

I love the optimistic vibe of Radiator Hospital’s music. Despite their lyrical content being slightly more darker than the happy-smiley vision their melodies evoke, “Bedtime Story” is another late summer / early autumn hit to add to your playlist.

Hippo Campus have been causing widespread outpourings of adoration on the blogs and I’m going to join the few who got in there early. Labeled as four boys making music out of Minnesota on their bandcamp, this is the next new hit for fans of Vampire Weekend, Two Door Cinema Club and the like with their mathsey carnival melodies.

Next up are Copenhagen’s pop rock anthem generators New Politics, taking a more twee approach to mass appeal rock music than their kins and label mates Fall Out Boy (DCD2 records run by Pete Wentz). Premiered in America this week it’s one of the teenage hits of the (late) summer.

And keeping in the same vein, but OMG THIS IS HELLA GOOD  meet Set It Off who co-wrote this with the other Fall Out Boy guy Patrick Stump. Taking elements from every classic and cult pop rock song and putting it masterfully together to make it sound like FOB meets Britney but credible I cannot recommend you spend 3 minutes 19 of your life listening to this track enough. You will LOVE this.

Elise x

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