#83 Go Go Power Rangers…

Or maybe not. Launching straight into the music this week as I’ve been getting up at 5AM all this week and the will to do much other than eat and sleep is overwhelming! 

Go Go Fish are a brilliant discovery from Brissie (AUS). Bringing very catchy, singalong indie rock which immediately pulls you in as a fan – distinctive enough from the indie splurge that’s coming out in the UK right now, this is a nice alternative to the alternative. 

Roomrunner never fail to deliver brilliantly noisey alternative rock that sits nicely in its own realm; not a rehash of older genres or artists but unique and interesting. Chrono Trigger is a slightly mellower track for these guys, but fits well with the autumnal weather kicking in and back to school vibe. 

Purling Hiss could easily be mistaken for a modern take on the Pixies – with added pop and a dash of optimism that their elders lack. So inspiring that our musical brothers in the states still enjoy making this scuzzy lo-fi rock n roll music that is so relished across the globe. If there’s one export I’d put in front of Reece’s pieces…this is it.

A very tropical icy-coool rock n roll swagger from this next artist. Meet The Parrots, fresh out of Madrid and making music with a dash of Nashville and southern-USA in there. As an introductory single this is fantastic. Looking out for future anthems from this Euro-gem. 

If there was a musical definition part on my ingredients list High Pop would be on it. Ty Segall might have to keep a strong eye out for these guys as they’ve biting your heels buddy…hard. Get ready for scuzzy rock n roll at it’s finest to date.

I’m not usually a fan of dance, but some of the tracks coming out of Future Classic are at the international forefront of their game. With an addictive thumping beat throughout , Sydney producer / singer George Maple is the Aussie cool version of Route 92 / Disclosure and Grimes rolled into one. With infectious dance and a crystal voice this is perfect for late nights. 

And leaving you with a mish-mash of genres that presents itself in Mailer Deamon –  a brilliant Persian blooded, American born, Malaysian bred, and Sydney based beat-maestro (as he so describes himself a la Facebook). Picked up “One Of A Kind” on our good friends Triple J Unearthed site. 

Elise x

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