#86 A bit of cryptic-infused genres for this week

I do love a bit of Manchester's Oceaan. When people start discussing minimalist music I do often conjure up images cow bells and the kind of music associated with the twilight hours of 3-5am. In a way this is true, but it can still be bloody exciting. Oceean's intricate sound and high quality production levels envelopes... Continue Reading →

#85 Blood-themed

Seems like 'blood' is the in thing at the moment. Mostly in the band names, but some of them take it that step further and have blood feature in videos and what not. Bloody Knees are no strangers to this feed, with their first post back in 2012, and it looks like 2014 has seen them... Continue Reading →

#84 Blurred Lines

I've always found the UK / USA alt rock scene to be extremely distinctive and although taking inspiration from each counterpart, never really sounding like the other. USA Nails is the first band from the UK that struck me as a quintessential alt. rock / noise band from the states. I mean yes, it does say... Continue Reading →

#83 Go Go Power Rangers…

Or maybe not. Launching straight into the music this week as I've been getting up at 5AM all this week and the will to do much other than eat and sleep is overwhelming! Go Go Fish are a brilliant discovery from Brissie (AUS). Bringing very catchy, singalong indie rock which immediately pulls you in as a... Continue Reading →

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