#82 Post-Reading festival blues

Well…not really. I had a wicked time. I think I’ve just about got over it and washed all the dust out of my hair 

 Hearing the new The Dirty Nil track just before Reading festival geared me up for running around senseless for 3 days moshing and having a good rock n rolling time. This track is actually the B-side to their “Cinnamon” release on Fat Wreck Records and out now if you fancy owning your own 7-inch. 

If there’s a rock album I can honestly recommend for you this summer Ty Segall’s Manipulator is a must. The perfect combo of slowed 60’s vibes and psychedelic boogying, this 17-track monster is great fun. “Susie Thumb” is the next one to pop up online for those not convinced. 

Gotta love a bit of madhatter punk from Single Mothers – straight outta London (the Canadian one) with nearly 35000 likes on Facebook. WHAAAA?! That’s sweet. A punk band rallying the masses on the net. Hell yeah. Enjoy “Marbles” to get you in the mood for…well…chaos? 

And as a juxtaposition to all the above, check out Maggie Gabbard, whos future RnB inspired pop music ( think an electro female fronted The Neighbourhood) stood out from a scene where female alt. singer-songwriters are rife. 

 Elise x


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