#81 Just for You

It’s a bit of a medley this week- international and home artists shining bright in this blog selection, and if you’re reading from AUS, perhaps some bands that aren’t too new to your ears. I’ve been writing, researching and talking to loads of people in the music scene down under in preparation of my big feature on the Australian music scene. Watch this space!

First up an track from Sydney melting pot genre band Sticky Fingers, whose tunes wouldn’t sound out of place in a 00’s Brit indie scene, but still sounds fresh and interesting today. 

Grunge fans can rejoice in the next choice – The Patriots (from Newcastle, Melbourne) have delivered a raucous rebellious rock anthem. It’s so good. Early Foos sound for sure, but with so much more and so it sounds so fun! They are so new, Triple J Unearthed are spinning this song at the moment, but it could just as easily sit on the top of the Billboard rock chart. It’s just a matter of time. 

Bass Drum Of Death are back with their blues-infused riffs. Another jukebox hit ready to go: 

Picking Black City Lights up just a few weeks ago I have since had the pleasure of hearing the full album Another Life, a perfect addition to the electro fans current playlist. Thoughtful and haunting, this is definitely one for the long train journeys that will cue up with the new term start. 

Death From Above 1979 have completely dispelled any thoughts that their 10 year hiatus would produce sub-standard work. “Government Trash” surfaced during the last week and sounding just as trashy as their original offerings. This style of music will always be cool. So lap it up! 

Frank Pescod aka To Be Frank resides in Suffolk making very catchy electro indie. Whilst it doesn’t have the multi-layered complexity that Tom Vek offers, tracks like “Shot” are well-produced with Calvin Harris-esque vocals. Debut album coming this autumn.

I don’t usually post any dance genres on this blog, but now and then there comes a really strong tune that cuts through my thick and callous love of rock and alternative and grabs my attention. Sounding not unlike the Flume-esque atmospheric dance scene of New South Wales, TEED vs Anna Lunoe’s new collab is translates from Aus through to Ibiza. 

And leaving you with an artist who has become a hit of cult hit over in Australia, despite being Norwegian-Bulgerian – Mikhael Paskalev.  If ever I heard a infectious hook this is one. You don’t have to be a hillbilly to love a bit of country / folk music. This is definitely a youth version of the aforementioned genres and a super-fun video. Mans got the moves! 

Elise x



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