#80 Food

Don’t worry, this blog post is about music. I’m just dieting and therefore think of nothing more than the food I’m not allowing myself to eat. Doesn’t make sense does it really?

Daniel Spinzer is a new artist who’s production and style is far above the handful of tracks he’s put online. Discovered via BBC Introducing in London I am delighted he reached out and now we get to listen to it too. It’s a bit mad, but in a Eugene Quell style this is gonna get shit hot with time.

BASECAMP sound like they could be chilling in the cool districts of Brooklyn, maybe on Surfer’s Paradise on the east coast of Australia making tunes like this. But no – this trio are chilling in the heart of Nashville, home to the likes of Kings Of Leon, Jack White and various other rock n roll kings. Still just as cool though and continuing their strong back catalogue that has always delivered tunes.

Super excited to hear this coming out of Melbourne: Miss Destiny brings a raucous, retro grunge meets punk meets rock vibes with a slightly fresher sounding Courtney Love on the vocals.

Ty Segall fans get ready to meet your new favourite riff – Meatbodies. No surprise the producer on this track has worked with none other than Ty and other notable fuzz, scuzz, riff rockers from this area. Looking forward to the full LP.

The opening plinky plonk melody of Cymbals Eat Guitars made me think of early Death Cab or even Elliott Smith – which is soon va-va-vooooomed into their distinctive riff, meets melody, meets singalong brand of indie rock. Taken from their forthcoming full release on Tough Love (a label with a a bloody strong roster right now), August 25th, I’m already learning the words to be front row at their London gigs.

For those of you old (and British) enough to remember the launch of Kisstory and Pianoman taking on Blur’s “Girls & Boys” this 19-year old Aussie DJ’s track will take you right back. For those too young / not in the know, this is Caspian Joseph who’s blended house piano and synths in a tune best suited for those really cool club nights where everyone (including you) is having the time of their life. PS – he looks like a mini Tom Vek. Which is never a bad thing. PPS -it’s a free download. Run freeeeeee!

Brighton band up next showing us all up by how good they are! Last Hier bring a raw alt. rock style that reminds me of a slightly calmer Pulled Apart By Horses. Featuring one more body in their team compared to the International stars Royal Blood, this is just another nod to the awesome music scene this seaside town has.

And leaving you with this. Imagine if you pitched Thom Yorke’s vocal up a few –  this could actually be a Radiohead track. But it still sounds brilliant. Cloud Castle Lake play on that same field, delivering thoughtful, layered indie music that never tires. Give it time, let it play through past the acapella. I promise it’s worth the wait.

Elise x




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