#82 Post-Reading festival blues

Well...not really. I had a wicked time. I think I've just about got over it and washed all the dust out of my hair  Hearing the new The Dirty Nil track just before Reading festival geared me up for running around senseless for 3 days moshing and having a good rock n rolling time. This track is... Continue Reading →

#81 Just for You

It's a bit of a medley this week- international and home artists shining bright in this blog selection, and if you're reading from AUS, perhaps some bands that aren't too new to your ears. I've been writing, researching and talking to loads of people in the music scene down under in preparation of my big... Continue Reading →

#80 Food

Don't worry, this blog post is about music. I'm just dieting and therefore think of nothing more than the food I'm not allowing myself to eat. Doesn't make sense does it really? Daniel Spinzer is a new artist who's production and style is far above the handful of tracks he's put online. Discovered via BBC Introducing in... Continue Reading →

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