#78 Hiatus over.

Thankfully for Death From Above 1979 we’ve got all the anti out of their system and they’re back together…not just for the money of touring I hear the cynical amongst us sneering, but for new music. They say they don’t feel pressured from fans or media to make a new album, but alas it’s due out September anyway. Which is great news. Especially when this is the teaser 😀 PS – live shows are a must. Energy, sweat and moustaches galore. 

Delighted as well to have Hooray For Earth back. Due to the names they had chosen for their music and initial impression I was expecting a hint of freelove / hippy-esque in their persona – but after meeting them in the back of London’s Hoxton Square bar & kitchen pre-gig many moons ago I was delighted to find a proper Brooklyn rock band, super passionate about music and just generally loving getting paid to play on stage. Returning to the UK later this year with their album ‘Racy’ expect to be reunited with their trademark synthy guitars and trademark vocals. This time however, with added riffage. 

SZA is someone who continues to impress me with every release. Not rushing to skyrocket to the top of the charts / frontcover of the relevant music mag of the time, SZA is content quietly wowing new audiences online and creating ripples opening for the likes of Coldplay on their tour. No big deal right? Ha…well, after opening her first Coldplay concert this song was written. And after Kitty Cash (mixtape / DJ up-and-coming) picked her as part of her new talent showcase for mixtape II it seems like the fascination with her cryptically romantic pop isn’t waining. 

LOVE the new alt-J track ‘Left Hand Free’… just two issues. Original alt-J fans might be a bit too challenged by the 70s rock reference and general shift in sound and secondly, dare I mention the demise of Django Django who relied so heavily on this sound? :-/ 

I hope they rise out of the ashes triumphant for their dabbling afield. 

Another Jesse another day? Well…yes, kinda of. Meet Jesse and Matt aka Prelow – the New York version of The Neighbourhood with added Two Door Cinema Club and blunt lyrics. ‘And my dick takes over, and I’m thinking ’bout your lips’. That’s one hell of a hook. 

And leaving you with a band whose tagline is: MUSIC FOR YOUR MIND / BODY / SPIRIT / SOUL. Which sounds great. An odd concoction of psychedelic, indie and old skool rocknroll ‘Shallow’ has been doing the rounds for a while now. But still sounding fantastic, and even better with the long summer evenings leaving plenty of time to listen and get lost in music. 

Elise x 



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