#77 Bet you think this song is about you.

A friend of mine saw me during the week and said ‘ have you heard the new Bon Iver song? Written about Zach Braff?’…well, they got their facts a little bit wrong as it was infact a track for Zach Braff’s new film. To be fair I’d have to start speculating if this was a song from ol’Iver to Braff as it’s rather passionate! A moment to stop, think and be enveloped by this artists trademark ambience. Bliss…

Big thanks to Kieran from Circa Waves for recommending me the next band. Meet Spring Kings from Manchester. With the same post-grunge / indie influence that made me become infatuated with Mowbird for a good deal of 2012. Their EP ‘In All Their Murk And Dirt’ that came out towards the end of last year is a brilliant offering from an artist so early on in their career. Unlike the Eugene Quell’s of the world they’re not relying on the power of the swag to come through in their rough demos, but have gone straight for the jugular with quality anthems.

PopoBawa, is the name of an evil spirit believe to come from one of the Tanzanian islands. OR it’s mates Oli, Sam and Steve from Gosport in the UK who’ve embraced synths, guitars and melodies to make summer tunes. Check out the acoustic version of ‘Bloody Knees’ below, but don’t miss out on the rest of the healthy Soundcloud page

Have to give a nod to the next track – a little poppy for the usual suspects of this blog, but once you hear the production list you start to strip back the initial reaction and appreciate the ‘Ellie Goulding’ effect of translating pop vocals to alt. beats. Ryn Weaver ‘Octohate’ – co-prod of Cashmere Cat and Passion Pit. Now listen again. It’s cool factor will increase tenfold. 

A few months ago I picked up a super cool Canadian alt. rock band called Billy Moon and since then the signals been sent and I get regular updates on this scene. Which is brilliant! Found Waterbodies through the ‘old-fashioned’ power of email and LOVE IT. With a rougher early WE Are Scientists vibe this music embeds itself in your mind and you’ll hum and coo along with ease after one play. 

It’s time to admit something that I never thought I’d say. When alt-J first turned up I was a bit ‘leave it’. Bit too ‘6 music’ (if you live in the UK you’ll understand). Nah. But then a band member left, no one knew what would happen and this track popped up. Sampling queen of OMFG right now Miley Cyrus it’s time to publicly share my love of their music. Elements of Glass Animals and These New Puritans throughout, but still unquestionably an alt-J gem. 

Black City Lights are my absolute love of this week New Zealanders Calum and Catherine have delivered some powerful provocative electro – think Lorde meets Phantogram / MSMR. 

Super jelz of people in North America at the moment. Would love to run around and mosh to The Dirty Nil this month, but guess I’m just going to have to share that with my West Coast pals. More rad garage punk and raucous rock n roll from these guys. 

Another Oxford, UK gem embracing the intelligent indie sweep that’s going on that area right now – meet Pixel Fix

And in that Oxford world let’s not forget – Glass Animals – this time Dave Glass on the remix of Banks and it seems like he’s bloody good at this. Possibly more potential from him than of Tom Vek with his remixing affairs…and that’s saying something as I love Vek’s work! 

Elise x


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