#76 Musical history

Lindsay & Clifford. From Washington. They could be the neighbours down the street, your mates parents OR in this case two young’uns that make soulfully basic electro tunes. Think a more indie BANKS. GEMS new track ‘Scars’ is a perfect summer afternoon chill out track.

How To Dress Well  is doing what people hoped The Weeknd would do. Channel that enigmatic persona with future RnB meets electro sound that wasn’t in the mainstream at the time and really caught peoples ears. Taken from the aka Tom Krell’s thrid album ‘What Is This Heart?’ that will hit shelves Monday, I hope the live performance is as haunting as the soundcloud listen 🙂

Olympic Ayres hail from Sydney and have something of a nu-wave Klaxons style to them. For the duo who first met in 2006 but didn’t start recording until 2010 they’ve had ample time to hone their sound and create something to establish themselves in a busy and talented Aussie music pool. I think this is a band leading the way for the ‘nu-disco’ style that I’ve heard new bands try for years.

I remember introducing Aussie producer Flume to this blog and beyond in 2012, singing his praise and uniqueness that the UK dance audience have yet to hear! It turns out his influence has spread in the form of Wave Racer and now 18-year old Recluse, which tastes even better as a free download.

I first heard the Grammy Nominated Jon Hopkins last summer with the track ‘Open Eye Signal’ from his 3rd studio album Immuniity. A music-bod I work with was loving the tunes – he’s worked on film soundtracks – he’s part-produced Coldplay’s new album?! He’s super important and he makes some of the most atmospheric, ethereal and incredible electronic music I’ve heard in my lifetime. Lulu James, British soul singer and utter gem has provided vocals to take this already ground-breaking beat to the next level.

Next up meet a musicians who can be totally rad, rock the whole Californian style and be garage rock through and through (and also have once been in a band called ‘The Perverts’). Ty Segall  is kinda like garage rock’s Jack White, spewing new tunes and musical ideas out of his ass as well as knowing how to right a hit whilst staying true to his genre. No collabs with David Guetta or Avicii on the horizon thank f**K.

We’ve featured him on this blog since day dot and he’s back with his 7th album Manipulator this summer – little teaser went up for us to indulge.


Bringing you something new from your local friendly BBC Introducing in London station. Meet the new MNEK…but more relaxed. Azekel, Pronounced ay-ze-ke-l brought out his debut EP in 2013 and has returned in fine form with the ‘New Romance’ single, due out in July. 


Elise. x







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