#75 what d’you call it urban?

Need your help this week categorising (or pigeonholing as some artists would argue) this first track from Juce member Georgia. Electro, synths, RnB vocals…pop? I just know this concoction sounds massive.

Next up for a more predictable style of music. With a big sound on the production front, meet Washington DJ / producer Nacey who’s dropped a foul bass beat and popped Angel Haze’s sick vocals on top. It’s not groundbreaking. It’s not lyrically profound. But as Ms Haze says ‘she fucking owns it!’.

It’s super cool that Aussie Jonathan Boulet has decided London is the place he wants to hang out in. He brings us music like ‘Hold It Down’ from his new album ‘Gubba’ (released this summer…or July 18th if you’re in Aus). Melodies meet riffs. Ones with a really dark QOTSA-esque darkness to them, but still mega fun to mosh around to!

And last up, some fine punk rock from the country of Canada. After having a fling with the Canadian post-hardcore/ garage rock scene of late I’ve discovered a new found love for Pup. I wasn’t sure on previous listens. Most of you would have caught their previous single ‘Reservoir’ doing the rounds, but it wasn’t until I heard ‘Guilt Trip’ (complete with rad video that reminds me of the Goonies meets Explorers in style) that I became a Pup convert. *Pup flag flies here*

Elise x


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