#74 Peace Of Mind

As a listener of the BBC Introducing team, I hear hundreds of tracks a week from artists who are hoping to gain airplay or make their break into  the music scene. But it’s not good enough to have a well mixed track anymore. Everyone can do it on their home PCs and playing a simple chord or adding a drum beat doesn’t require the talent of a percussionist anymore. But it takes real musicians to make interesting, good music and a great vocalist to stand out from the rest. Leks River from London has delivered this perfect raw display of talent…hidden for a year in the vastness of the internet. Thankfuly making it’s way to our ears to enjoy a moment.

This racous loud number wouldn’t sound out of place on a Clarence Clarity record nor on a new DFA 1979 manifestation. But it’s actually from FTSE and Jakwob aka Get Hot. Jakwob embracing his music love of rock and metal whilst encompassing all the sounds embraced from his dabbling in the EDM / dance scene. RARR!


Following on from The Great Escape it would be a crime not to shout about Thief. Sydney’s allstar music hero ticking the mass appeal box as well as appealing to those a little dissatisfied by the mainstream pop fodder. ‘Closer’ is a perfect anthem for summer. Imagine Sohn meets Tom Vek and a bunch of sunshine and real life reflection in the lyrics and TA DA! Fantastically catchy with huge international promise.


It could have all gone to shit for Sleigh Bells after the latest bunch of tunes which failed to impact. But there’s a glimmer of hope with ‘Young Legends’. In the same with RDGLDGRN didn’t change the future of music with ‘Lootin In London’ they made a simple pop song and put their brand of alternative on it. Exactly what Alexis and Derek have done with this. And a good video to celebrate the young legends of our time.

On my browsing of the net I found myself ear to track of Young Widows – Kentucky based, with one hell of a drive in this track ‘The Money’. Stick with it for the 4min31 of playtime. You might just love it by the end.


Tom Vek’s attitude to music writing has been described as ‘stoner’. 3 albums in 9 years (to be fair one was 5 years in the making) isn’t that shocking and I believe it’s been welllllll worth the wait. I’ve struggled to go hand in hand with many of the alternative artists that came to the forefront of the scene in the mid-00’s and are now developing a new sound. That or they’ve gone way too pop for me. But Vek is someone who has grown into a more mature sound for sure, but still retains the excitement of a new artists, with fresh ideas and a tenacity to producing his music that is few and far between these days. ‘Broke’ is the next single from his 3rd album ‘LUCK’, release early June 2014.

Very cool and trendy Coucheron also came onto my radar this week thanks to my music conocers out in New York. Beautifully on trend with electro 80’s vibes and indie mass appeal ‘wo oh woooh’s’ in the chorus.

Despite having three meaty paragraphs for a bio, Ivory Hours  are in their simplest form a splendid mix of indie pop. Appealing, catchy and strong in sound. The band themselves cite influences from pretty much all stronghold guitar based genre of the last 50 years and they have blended it very well in ‘Mary’…the new must have on your summer compilation.


Elise x


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