#73 Scuzz, ethereal and more Aussie greatness :-)

In a beautiful opening melody that isn’t too far removed from Funeral Suits ‘Colour Fade’ let’s meet Crooked Colours; three mates from Perth who claim to have been “Selling bum notes to the people since 12′”…whatever that means. Playing alongside the likes of The Naked And Famous at all the big Australian festivals this year, the Brits have yet to become accustomed to the electronic ambient sounds of this trio. 

Next up, right here in my hometown of London, an artist that I first heard on the BBC Introducing Uploader, Looks. I’ve literally heard nothing more since that point, but 9 days ago they posted a nicely mixed and mastered version of this instant indie hit. Think Foals meets early Everything Everything.

I’m not usually into RnB. Well…I said that until The Neighbourhood and Sir Sly turned up. Then I had to admit that it definitely was the sound of future or alternative RnB. Whichever one suited the palate that day. I found another one that is definitely one and both of them. Jack Garratt straight outta London rather than LA this time. Interesting!

I’m not sure what to make of the next track. Is it hot? Or more for 40+ year old men. It straddles a fine line for me from being a festival hit / indie anthem to a dad’s tune. Escapists. Let me know what you think!

Close your eyes as you listen to this one. Imagine Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers singing on a Bombay Bicycle Club tune. That’s what I hear in South African gone Canada / London band Little India. Remember this is only demo form! So don’t go dissing the quality of the track so early. This is super early for this band and already I love it!

I think sometimes with ‘hype’ artists it takes that one track to hook you into the buzz. Most artists I get quite early on, but I have to admit Banks is someone I never really understood. Despite being part of BBC’s Sound of poll and supported heavily by the big names, I didn’t really see the huge fuss…until now.

Coming out of the same way as pretty much every hot shit artist right now (L.A.) and established in her own right, ‘Goddess’ is a brilliant future RnB / electro/ pop tune to suit the warming summer evenings and delivers one of those moment listens that I grasped the first time I heard London Grammar. But this is more demanding, more atmospheric. Finallly (Passmore if you’re reading this…hands up I was SLOW AS SHIT), I think Banks is awesome.

Time for some mandatory scuzz. The last week has seen a few bands reach out to me via my email (epcobain@gmail.com) from around the world and I love that! I find some incredible music and am put on the scent of my next favourite new band to put up here for you to check out. It saves you time right? A band that has a Facebook description as follows…and therefore needs no further introduction ❤ Billy Moon is a band that currently operates outside/inside/kind-of general-area of Hamilton. Stop listening to bad music, and listen to ShittyRocknRoll.

And secondly a band that emailed me in the last handful of hours. *drools* Someone who read one of my blogs online and knew exactly what I was about. Respect. Everyone meet Dylan Fox and his brother Sean aka Dylan Fox And The Wave. That and their damn fine rarrrrk out of California. Fans of early The White Stripes and the like should also check the back catalogue out. Bloody awesome: http://www.dylanfoxandthewave.com/

The trip hop soul electro vibes of Bok Bok ft Kelala on the vocals really captured my attention – not just for being so odd and stand out, but for being rather damn good. Suiting the young trendy ravers and clubbers of today and even suiting the tastes of slightly older less adventurous music lovers alike. This is like…what the future sounds like.

And leaving you with possibly my favourite most on repeat song since I first heard Tove Lo “Habits” (The Hippie Sabotage remix that is). People used to laugh at me when I said music sounded ‘magical’ or ‘sparkly’…but that’s all music is right? That’s what responses, emotions and feelings sound like. This Seattle duo make music that makes the hairs on my arm stand up and something that completely transports me out the sweaty, shite trip home on the tube each afternoon to a much happier place. See! It’s totally like magic.

Elise x



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