#72 Dreamy rhythms & riffing moshes

…are the ingredients of the week here on Alive & Amplified. Brody Dalle is kicking off this week with her raucous return to music and introducing her first solo effor ‘Diploid Love’. After playing a handfull of shows around the world we’ve got a loud and punk fuelled summer ahead of us with Brody at the helm. Have a stream of the full thing for free before your purchase here:



Next for Brighton post- grunge / scuzz man Eugene Quell, who is continutally being brilliant. Although he’s not churning out the tunes at the moment releasing a new ditty before the first one’s even sunk in, Eugene has the strength in individuality and riff to carry himself across the weeks through blogs and general buzz. This new track ‘Weird Purr’ captures the essence of early Weezer with a stripped back feel.

Taking the guitar down a notch lets meet Arkells from Hamilton, Canada. Bringing their own blend of indie pop suitable for a fun loving festival crowd check out ‘Never Thought That This Would Happen’

Anyone else think the new The Neighbourhood tune ‘Lurk’ sounds like The Weeknd? Really showing off the RnB infused side of their music since they first came to my attention with ‘Sweater Weater’ a couple of years ago. Lots of opportunities to catch them on UK soil this summer so I’m looking forward to being absorbed into the live experience – wonder if they’ll take on an indie band showcase or go for a moodier performance art style? Hmmm…

Next up is psychedlic 5-piece I Know Leopards. Unlike the western seaboard sound of Tame Impala, Sydney has given this band a real indie spritz with ‘Daisy Eyes’; love a good bit of keys!

I think the collaboration between Kwabs & Ben Drew aka Plan B could be the most haunting song I’ve ever heard. It’s such a moment in my playlist at the moment, combining Kwabs captivating vocals that are stand-out in our generation with the impressive un-Plan B sound. Atmospheric 🙂


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