#71 Phew, it didn’t take another 5 years…

…for Tom Vek to do another album. Everyone makes such a fuss about the fact that Vek took this large amount of time to come back with a new offering and many feared he’d fade away. In fact I’d say he was just refining the product. No one does a sound better than Tom Vek at the moment whilst still sounding fresh. And we were all delighted when he announced yesterday that his third album ‘Luck’ would be out 9th June. I remember waking up on January 1st 2014 and seeing Tom’s tweet about new music this year. What a brilliant way to start the year. He hasn’t let us down – grab the first track ‘Sherman (Animals In The Jungle) from iTunes now

Not long ago we were listening to the debut efforts of SZA. Warbling out the ambient cryptically romantic pop that she christened her sound with. Now the record labels are on board and inviting none other than the likes of Kendrick Lamar to get on board. The future looks great for this artist. Soulful RnB without the pop croons of the radio stars influencing her. Love it!

I’m thinking of starting my ‘fresh from Australia’ section on the blog. I’m a big big fan of the AU music scene and they never let me down. The rock scene is still spawning some of my new favourite songs (Violent Soho / DZ DEATHRAYS) and I love Flume, Sampology and more from the dance scene. And now we’ve got Aussie’s match for SZA. In the form of Klo. Cousins Simon and Chloe who make wonderful music that fits these warming spring evenings.

Arcane Roots: I saw them play Reading for the first time last year and they packed out the ‘rock stage’, playing really bloody well (with a voice to match). So many wonderful songs sound shite live cause in reality the singer can’t hit the notes or tone. Not a problem for Andrew here. A really tight and impressive band. AND THEY’RE BRITISH! Go team 🙂

Iranian / London producer Tala is next in the spotlight – bringing some middle eastern inspired beats and modern beats / dance sound. Disclosure fans will give it a tick as would the poppier Burial audience. Check it out with everyone else this week (it’s got big quickly!).


Ah…a punk, ridiculously energetic, rock n roll star in the making? No..this one’s already made and ready to go. Based out in Austin, Texas let’s have a listen to some solid guitar music and a punky jig or two busting out whilst I listen in the office. Let’s met OBN IIIs

Fathy John Misty isa real curveball in my iTunes. A folk artist’s who’s music has perched it on my ‘other’ selection outside of the staple rock, alt. dance and punk. And now another group can join the pack. Matthew & The Atlas are a fresh take on the Hozier sound that’s doing big business at the moment. Bootiful.

Raury is the folky /alt Weezer. Well…he’s actually a 17 year old guy from Atlanta with an ‘Amish swag’. Or so they say. But this is a super addictive song with a folky walk that sucks you in on first listen.

Reason to love Brighton #9028148787583487543: Tigercub  Harnessing that almost lost but never quite gone grunge sound that is still loved by so many and unheard by the young’un’s amongst us. Already picked up across the specialist radio world these guys have had a great start to their musical career. And hello…what’s this? Matt Bigland (Dinosure Pile-Up) producing? Nice.

I don’t want to like Wolf Alice. I’m one of the stupid ones who is used to having a croaky ciggy smoking frontwoman to screech out my vocals and nothing less. But despite my silly first impression rules, I can’t deny Wolf Alice have been consistant and have nailed it with their latest track. With added rarrr, meet the next gen of lady fronted bands who rock (think Marmozets too!).


Elise x


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