#68 Easy

Is it? Oh it is. That’s good. Lorde’s vocals are odd at the best of times, but it really seems to work on Boston producer Son Lux’s new tune. Peppered with Zane Lowe brass production elements, the commanding bassline drives this song through to the finish line ready for a repeat.

Happy clappy alt-pop vibes up next with Carlton!. But don’t knock it ’till you’ve heard it. It works. With the American twang on the vocals, it’s a breath of fresh-air compared to standard LA sound that’s kicking around. Think a poppier New Politics.

Next up is some anthemic American rock from Of Mice & Men. Anyone catch them out on tour with Bring Me The Horizon in the states? Just wondering how they compared. Bring Me being a bit more screamo and Of Mice & Men taking on the melody aspect of heavier rock music. Love both the bands mind you. Another reminder of how they will be excellent at Reading / Leeds fest this summer.

Divergent might look like a naff film, but the soundtrack is ace. Features the likes of Colorado producer Derek Vincent Smith
who’s put all his tunes up for free on his Pretty Lights site: www.prettylightsmusic.com What a dude! And this track with Odesza on the remix sounds massive. Flume meets Bobby Tank and then some.

Grunge / nuwave heads pay attention to Darlia. Not just for the odd and rather explicit vid but also for the youth sing-along sticker that’ll have you humming the hook for days to come.

And leaving you with the new Converse, three artists tune that ticks my ‘retro blues’ obsession box. Mix a blusey vibe in with a modern genre and I BLOODY LOVE IT! This time, Diplo, Frank Ocean and x2 members of The Clash have come together to make something that’ll define the spring of 2014. So.. “what you say? You need a hero?” Cue these three…

Elise x


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