#67 O-Hi-Yo…and music from other places

It was about this time last year that I first heard of Schlomo & Jeremiah with their collaborative track ‘Bo Peep’. And back they are 12 months later, sounding a little Drake-esque with extra production. And the best thing? You can DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE 😀

And speaking of Drake how about an actual cover from LA RnB/pop experimentalist group Sir Sly. After hearing their song ‘Gold’ piggy-backing on the success of fellow Los Angelinos The Neighbourhood, this cover song actually shows off their playfulness and defines them from the rest of the ‘same as’ bands that are emerging in their style at the moment.

Ohio…originated from Iroquois word ohi-yo’, meaning “great river” or “large creek”. And soon to add to Wiki will be “home of the super awesome Cloud Nothings. The alt.rock band that changed the world”. Frontman Dylan has a rather high qualification in the sax, but luckily decided he’d rather make music that sounds like chocolate and cheese & onion crisps. On paper, a bit odd, but in real life…amazing!

Really taken in by the new release from Glaswegians PAWS. ‘Tongues’ takes in punk,surf, indie alt. rock…everything in a bubbling stew with a pop melody and promise of a very exciting new album ‘Youth Culture Forever’ due in June.

To me James Blake is the Sherlock Holmes of music. Always sniffing out the peculiar, alternative views to commonplace in the music world. Bringing something that obviously sounds good into the mainstream, but something only he could fathom and create. If you want to get really into the weird and wonderful musical deluge of Mr Blake then check out his R1 residency: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03v0mwm

Let’s cast an ear over South-London newcomer HUNTAR too. Where did this guy come from? No info on the net and then this bold and confident debut appears online. Another BRIT school graduate showing the world what he can do? Or a genuine superstar from the bowels of London town. I await with eager ears.

And leaving you with a  teaser of the next delivery from newly 4AD signed tUnE-yArDs…who’s still completely off normal time-signatures and loving the vocal loops. Go Merrill…

Elise x


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