#70 I gotta stay high…

All the time. Said Tove Lo of a previous relationship end. But music is definitely a high for me a lot of the time. Having previously heard the Hippie Sabotage remix of the Swedish alt. pop singer I was thoroughly surprised to hear the original was just as great in it’s own way. Based on the dark effects of a one-way break-up, this is strong track from all angles. The video is well worth your time.

Upon hearing The Bedroom I instantly thought of Tom Vek. Experimental electro-pop lead by a dulcet male vocal. Since this is only the first song I’ve heard from the artist I’m not sure if this will be something I sign up to for the full EP, but as a single this is definitely worthy of a purchase.

The first time i heard Glass Animalstwo years ago with the emergence of Cocoa Hooves I was extremely grateful for a decent alt. pop / electro act (that wasn’t alt-J), that brought a really special sound back to the blogosphere.  Fast-forward to present day and after one or two questionable tracks they’ve come back with ‘Holiest’. Teaming up with Brooklyn vocalist Tei-Shi, they’ve signed it off with their signature sound, but by bringing a complimentary female vocalist into the mix, have almost made it sound like a completely different artist. A poppier SZA perhaps? Although it is a great song, and collabs are all the rage these days, the Oxford boys must be careful that guest features remain that…and don’t take over the song.

Just wanted to draw your attention to this prime remix of Jaymes Young ‘Habits Of My Heart’. Sampling Sufjan Stevens “Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois” we’ve got a refreshing guitar introduced to a summer vibe song. Jaymes’ has really shone out of the drivel that is saturating the LA market at the moment and this is another shine to his discography.

4 New York  mates, (each happening to play an instrument) get together in September. 8 months later we have ‘This Time’. Taking on the waves that the likes of MsMr have put in place Prinze George (are they taking on the future British Monarch’s name perhaps?) have a very strong first single to lead with here:

One of my fav. Aussie artists, the punk pop alt collective Velociraptor are back with a blusey, slower tempo track ‘Ramona’ to ease you into the spring days. Although there’s a lot of repetition in melodies I think even those not in the know about this band will appreciate it’s strengths and build a new fanbase for future tracks.

And leaving a lasting impression with Colours. A fresh new artists in the form of Tom Crandles. An Aussie born, London resident who’s again brought a Tom Vek-esque sound but nailed the shoegazer, indie mass appeal element that will catapult him into the NME / Radio 1 world before he knows it.

Elise x

#69 The aftermath of SXSW

Some of you will be travelling back, recovering or walking about with a Texan glow after SXSW. Arguably the best msuic festival in the world when you consider the amount of new music showcased and the established artists turning up for shits and giggles too to talk and perform. All are welcomed!

But the music industry doesn’t stop just because Austin, Texas is trying to return to normal. No sireee. Like Swedish M.I.A. type Elliphant.  She’s just premiered this on the Mad Decent soundcloud ahead of her debut EP release. Sounding chunky with her usual raucous reputation. Wonder how gross out the video will be? Hmmm.

Marmozets are also back on the scene after throwing themselves into the limelight with their free download ‘Born Young & Free’ single last year. But turns out this is the beginning of something special after Warners have thrown their purse at them and given them a boost. What we all thinking of the new track then? I don’t think frontwoman Becca is trying to be another Paramore. She’s far too growly for that. And good on her. So many woman in the rock / metal / punk world get shouted down. But maybe with time Becca can be the next gen of hybrid rock artists that don’t smoke 30 a day. We shall see…

And leaving you with an artists that reallllllly pricks my ear up. Like when Mowbird (one of my top 10 tracks of 2012) first came onto the scene, Bristol’s Trust Fund aka Ellis Jones sounds like a refreshingly raw talent brewing for take-off! Showcasing my favourite style of scuzzy rock this initial riff turns into a demo-riot towards the end. Appearing on a compilation with ‘Reeks Of Effort’ in late April, I am tres excited about this one. Respect

Elise x