#70 I gotta stay high…

All the time. Said Tove Lo of a previous relationship end. But music is definitely a high for me a lot of the time. Having previously heard the Hippie Sabotage remix of the Swedish alt. pop singer I was thoroughly surprised to hear the original was just as great in it's own way. Based on... Continue Reading →

#69 The aftermath of SXSW

Some of you will be travelling back, recovering or walking about with a Texan glow after SXSW. Arguably the best msuic festival in the world when you consider the amount of new music showcased and the established artists turning up for shits and giggles too to talk and perform. All are welcomed! But the music... Continue Reading →

#68 Easy

Is it? Oh it is. That's good. Lorde's vocals are odd at the best of times, but it really seems to work on Boston producer Son Lux's new tune. Peppered with Zane Lowe brass production elements, the commanding bassline drives this song through to the finish line ready for a repeat. Happy clappy alt-pop vibes... Continue Reading →

#67 O-Hi-Yo…and music from other places

It was about this time last year that I first heard of Schlomo & Jeremiah with their collaborative track ‘Bo Peep’. And back they are 12 months later, sounding a little Drake-esque with extra production. And the best thing? You can DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE :-DAnd speaking of Drake how about an actual cover from LA... Continue Reading →

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