#66 Chilled vibes and lots of female singers!?

This is very unlike me. Usually I don’t like a female voice unless it’s suffered years of abuse and 50 fags a day. But this week perhaps my ears have de-clogged and taken on the beauty that is the female song.

But first! Let’s get some men on it. We first talked about Years And Years just a few weeks ago with their Kitsune released track ‘Real’. But they had a trick up their sleeve! A B-side that strips back the trio’s sound even further and reveals some suitably warbling lead vocals from Oli. Reminding me of the same captivating sound that drew me to Jaymes Young last year.

Oh hello Haim style Watercolors aka Chelsea Jade Metcalf with producer Boycrush on production. The Auckland duo are super new but show real promise and appeal to music fans across the UK / USA. One to add to the Soundcloud watch for sure.

Perhaps filling the gap that artists like Little Boots left and Goldfrapp hasn’t noticed yet is Mr Little Jeans. Another one of the LA rat pack who enjoy synthy RnB infused pop music. Not only is the new track ‘Good Mistake’ packed with the perfect amount of melody versus beats, Monica Birkenes (aka Mr Little Jeans) packs a punch with her cover of Arcade Fires’ ‘The Suburbs’ to check out.

Homegrown talent here in the highest form comes from The Night VI. Having their debut EP ‘Still Thinking Of You’ out, they’ve popped a phenomenal cover of Frank Ocean’s ‘Thinkin Bout You’ up on soundcloud that is truly stunning! I thought Frank really harnessed that modern ballad sound, but when those high notes hit you’ll see how the track is completely transformed with a female lead. (PS – it’s a free download so get on it!)

And wrapping up with a man with a plan; Vacationer. Describing his music as ‘Nu-hula’ and explaining on his bio that ‘Most people do not take vacations often enough, some not at all.’ And therefore sets to provide people with that feeling through his music. And he does it very well. Think The Avalanches vibes with this track ‘ Good As New’. As I sit here in my February London town, with weak and feeble streams of sun licking the rooftops I can imagine it being shorts & T weather on a beach 🙂 WIN!

Elise x


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