#64 The big list

I used to have to listen to radio 5 nights a week, pick up several music magazines and hope my friends from around the globe would mail me a good CD in the post in order to get my hands on a spread of good music once a month. Thankfully the internet exists and all this amazing music takes a matter of seconds from the artists uploading to the web to us enjoying their work.

Exactly what’s happened with Moody Good. For the bass hunters amongst us they’ll be well aware of Eddie Jefferys (part of 16-bit). But here he is stepping out with a far more trap based beat and introducing the jazz influenced style of Eryn Allen Kane. Gorge!

Time to indulge in a bit of Brissie tunage now…this of course meaning one of the next big things to spew out of Brisbane, Australia. Sampology is not only a DJ testing out the looping, sampling aspect of a DJ’s work, but is one of the bolder artists in the visual accompaniment display. After hearing of him through a remix of DZ DEATHRAYS he made in the last 12 months he’s popped up with this beauty ‘Show Me’ – inspired by working with one of the Australian winter olympic snowboard members.

Strictly Canadian are a pretty versatile label. Based out in Indiana, they’re home to a range of sounds from the soulful Dungeonesse to the dancehall meets bass collective Major Lazer. But this polyrhythmic tune presented by Danish beatmaker Tomas Barford. Another female vocalist bringing this song to life, (in the form of Nina K).

Slurry grunge is ever present in this random but revealing collab between Blood Red Shoes & Drenge. Bringing a richer, fuller and more Americanised rock sound to Drenge’s stripped back guitar attack style, this is a pretty heavy quartet here. More please?

My favourite Canadian’s at the moment The Dirty Nil have been busy over the christmas period spreading the sounds of ‘Wrestle Yü To Hüsker Dü’ – an awesome new grunge meets punk track an a tonne of USA dates to ride out their style. Fingers crossed for an appearance at The Great Escape in the coming months

Oh hey happyclapping pop rockers! If you’re a Kerrang reader you defo already know lots and lots about We Are The In Crowd, super popular pop rock from New York that have released a really catchy punk pop beat that rhymes ‘toxic’ with ‘prick’ for their chorus. lols!

Manchester artist Oceaán is really showing something special with his latest offering ‘To Lose’. The only real criticism is that it might be a bit too much like James Blake! Which for a song isn’t a bad thing, but for the artist…maybe not enough unique appeal

BBC Sound of artist Kelela presents her take on R&B after coming to my attention with ‘Guns and synths’. Now she’s back again with ‘The High’ produced by production outlet Gifted & Blessed.

Written especially for the  TV show ‘Girls’ this Miguel tune is really brought to life by the distorted guitar chords. You could totally see how this would fit into an American TV show, especially once he starts really wailing. The Brits could learn a trick or two.

Bristol producer Edapollo is still very much in the infancy of his artist career, yet his EP ‘Swallow Shell’ shows all the prowess of someone who’s been experimenting with beats for years. Bristol locals will be familiar with the name, but I reckon it’s only a matter of time before Edapollo will be working the London ambient/ tropical circuit in the summer.

You’re called Drew Owen. You’re 15 years old. You play the guitar, write music and live in Baltimore. That would make you the next 15 year old that’s TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL! Seems like the true punk spirit is only truly grasped by those under the age of 20 and it seems to be the case again for Wet Blankets. Not the best name out there, but with FIDLAR-esque vibes I can see the teens among us getting straight in there.

ISSUES have one stonker of a metalcore album coming out next week. Having listened through I can confirm that riffs ahoy, catchy chorus’ and complex melodies will entertain you through all 12 tracks. ‘Never Lose Your Flames’ is a solid taster of the album as a whole, and a great tease ahead of their UK support slot in April this year.

Ahoy fans of Flume, Bobby Tank and Ta-Ku. Wave Racer. Seems like all the Sydney DJs are on something the UK scene just can’t grasp. Probably a good sunny 12 hour day and some sandy beaches? Who knows.

Setting World Records in a music video. Simple idea – but it seems that no only has no one really done it before, but no one’s done it with an aim to break the most amount of world records broken within the music video too. Cue Paramore. With a gospel tinged happy pop rock tune ‘Ain’t It Fun’ I think it’s clear to see why they do so damn well across the world. This is a brilliant tune – if you haven’t seen it already, please join the other 4million-odd.

Super lo-fi, downbeat chorus, muted guitar and whispered vocal. Not usually a tick from me, but bed. from Portland have struck a chord (lol) with me on this one. Whilst I go and laugh at my own shitty joke feel free to enjoy the simplicity and beautiful ‘Bother’.

Unlike the Australian band ‘The Bleeding Knees Club’, Britain’s Bloody Knees are super charged with riff and rocknroll. Which is great news when there’s a 4-track EP ready to be released at the end of the month featuring this beaut and 3 others which I can only assume are as fantabulous as this.

And as a lasting thought – can Transgressive Records do any wrong? Famy‘s new track ‘Donkey’ ticks all the alt / rock / indie hype boxes of the moment. Sounding like a super infusion of the biggest blog and live circuit bands under 30 of our time this track is a mild winter anthem.

And remember it’s always cool to share the new music you’re listening to! The reason I do this blog is to talk about all the cool tunes I’ve found around the globe; from nights out, on International music platforms, from the emerging British scene, from soundcloud links my mates have sent me. So please give me a heads up if you think you’ve heard something awesome for Alive And Amplified and I’ll pop it up with a credit.

Elise x

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