#63 Hats off to the true songwriters of the moment.

Which of course would have to go to Beck. Having given us total indie alt anthems like E-Pro & Devils Haircut to the absolutely captivating song Defriended that was performed with a full orchestra, Beck is a man that can write across a whole string of genres and make a few of his own up on the way. With origins in folk we can really hear that pull of this style in Blue Moon without ending up as a Mumford & Sons radio friendly hit. One of those tunes that makes you feel very reflective and leaves you with a sweet aftertaste. Beck is a genius – one of the unsung writing heros of our time.

On a tangent to the current RnB inspired electro pop that’s emerging out of LA at the moment, Silversun Pickups are staying true to form, releasing amplified driven alt. rock tune ‘Cannibal’. Always refreshingly original with their style and bringing something new to the trend table, Silversun are throwing this in the works as part of their singles collection release.

With merely only a name and a bandcamp link to go by, Brooklyn’s Memoranda aren’t going in for the 6 figure YouTube views just yet. For fans of the shoegazer style that have an affinity with the New York state music scene. I hope this is more than a 1EP wonder of a band.

London trio Years And Years have been working the circuit for a few years now, yet (finally!) it’s only now their electro-pop inspired sound is getting heads turning. Having got them on the wish list of artists to see live in 2014 and Kitsune having picked up the latest track ‘Real’, I recommend this whole-heartedly for any fan of the poppy sound of Disclosure or dancier Dan Croll. Join the YaY fan club.

I cannot recommend Pile enough to fans of grunge and math rock. Having picked up the last album ‘dripping’ late last year I’ve spent the months frolicking in it’s grungy minor chord scales and solid vocals. Follow these guys bandcamp to hear it all first. You won’t regret it!

And leaving you with one of my favourite tracks of the last 5 years and certainly one of the most impressive from an emerging artist to the mainstream like Dan Croll. Another extremely talented songwriter of our time, just delving into his potential I reckon with friends such as Jethro Fox as part of the bands line up you’ve got something special here. Going out on tour in March where I will be thoroughly enjoying the set. My preferences to tall dark men with glasses aside…this is an exciting time to be a Dan Croll fan. (PS – 10/10 for originality on the music vid.)

Elise x




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