#62 January Blues

Momentarily dusted away and spirits lifted with the graceful tropical scale presented. I wish I had the prowess to sit down and describe my music as convivial and alluring as ‘aquawave’. Which is exactly what Misun from Washington DC have done. Appropriately titled ‘Travel With Me’. Totally wanna drop everything and just go driving around California to a tune like this….or the A12. Depending on how real I want to make it.

Also it’s a good time to mention casually how incredible Los Angeles is at the moment with spewing out music. Think of a slowed down Alex Clare tune with the woozy RnB appeal of The Neighbourhood or Sir Sly. This is Jon E. K. and I reckon it’s only a matter of time before the likes of Zane Lowe and like minded conocers are on the case.

The next track is a total space out tune. In the first few bars I already want to know everything about this tune. Etherial is  one way of capturing the incredible imagery this remix of Cork folk act Elephants & Time creates, crafted by a relatively unknown dude called Ruairi from Cork. They say that all the best music has already been made…I think you should prepare yourself for Bantum

I wasn’t surprised at all to hear the following trickle of magic  under the name The Landing was created out of a Brooklyn bedroom. Bringing Spacepop into the musical sphere backed up by lulling falsetto male vocals this will make at least 50% of you swoon.

Been counting down the days till The Great Escape 2014. Brighton town is completely fucked over. To put it bluntly. Music types from across the world descend in mild chaos upon the seaside-ville that cleverly stocks up on enough beer and policeman to keep the punters sweet and the ones who take it too far off the streets every May. Obviously the latter is optional, but it’s like being on a huge uni campus just messing about and everyone having fun for a big weekend. Would be a real shame if this rolling bass, bluesy beat of The Magic Gang is ignored on the line-up. Natives as well! Forget Jagwar Ma and Temples – this is what the 60’s flower revival should sound like.

Y’know it was in last 30 mins I was browsing The Hives site checking out for the next fix of garage rock. Proper lo-fi killer riffs kinda thing. Then I remembered that it’s not just the Swedes that can rock a riff or two of this calibre. Check out Bass Drum Of Death –  luckily not named so due to the dirty bass of their dubstepping beats, but more of a garage rock haven straight out of Mississippi. I don’t know if I’m more impressed with the new tune or the fact I spelt Mississippi right first off typing this…

Tweens are the kind of band that could have played alongside Sex B0-Omb in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and possibly knocked them for 5 in the battle of the bands. Proper scuzz straight outta your mates garage kinda sound with a killer female squeaky pitched vocal that automatically states she is super cool and has at least 3 colours in her hair. If this is the kind of music they’re chucking out after just 18 months or so together we’re in for a ride.

And leaving you the epic cover of The Kinks that Ty Seagall and his trio of POWERSCUZZ Fuzz have concocted of late. This kind of music is fun and I want a setlist including this playing by my gravestone.

Elise x


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