#61 *excited!!!*

Certainly am! There was (as there always is) a dry patch over christmas where people are busy eating, relaxing and generally receiving such things that allow them to start making music. Now everyone’s back in gear and some people’s New Years Resolutions are to let people hear their work we’re starting to get some good stuff through. And SXSW isn’t too far around the corner! Sadly I had to pull out of going ūüė¶ BOO. My fiance got ill and it turns out I’d prefer not to be at least a days travel away if he gets ill again. Such is love…


So who’s heard of Brawlers¬†then? Leeds, the musical hubub of the UK has sprouted out another amazing starter band which includes none other than Harry George Johns¬†who has previously featured on the blog as part of the Dinosaur Pile-Up line up and also as a solo artist in his own right. Loud, punky and damn good fun from the live reviews. Defo check them out when they do the round over the next couple of months under Alcopop!’s wings.¬†

Idiot Son¬†are 3 guys from Brooklyn who present us here with a bendy dreamy uplifting alt. rock sound. Not much is known other than their names and location, but having heard this song for the 3rd time as I write this I’m really starting to fall for something that could potentially be my new favourite guitar band out of New York.¬†

Bleeding Rainbows¬†remind me of My Vitriol (fronted by a lady). Strong guitar lead pulls us through ‘So You Know’ with Sarah’s nonchalent vocal suitably fixating throughout. Things go a little bit Smashing Pumpkins at 2min28. Nice!¬†

Whinnie Williams is from London.¬†She has a dog called Brian (who features on her new mixtape…sort of). Apparently this mixtape was done over a day in a studio. Several covers of killer tunes, but the one that caught my ear was the Lauren Hill cover of ‘That Thing’. Think of a more melodic Lily Allen with a full on warble in her. It’s kinda sweet and really nice on the ear.¬†

Scottish trio Young Fathers¬†are literally unstoppable aren’t they? Tune after tune after tune just keeps coming through from their soundcloud. Not only does the new EP have the lead single ‘Get Up’ on it that I loved on first listen, it has 2 new songs that sound great in their own right on there too. I really want something big to happen for these guys in 2014. Their take on hip hop and urban is totally unique and brilliant.¬†

Elise x


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