#63 Hats off to the true songwriters of the moment.

Which of course would have to go to Beck.┬áHaving given us total indie alt anthems like E-Pro & Devils Haircut to the absolutely captivating song Defriended that was performed with a full orchestra, Beck is a man that can write across a whole string of genres and make a few of his own up on... Continue Reading →

#62 January Blues

Momentarily dusted away and spirits lifted with the graceful tropical scale presented. I wish I had the prowess to sit down and describe my music as convivial and alluring as 'aquawave'. Which is exactly what Misun from Washington DC have done. Appropriately titled 'Travel With Me'. Totally wanna drop everything and just go driving around... Continue Reading →

#61 *excited!!!*

Certainly am! There was (as there always is) a dry patch over christmas where people are busy eating, relaxing and generally receiving such things that allow them to start making music. Now everyone's back in gear and some people's New Years Resolutions are to let people hear their work we're starting to get some good... Continue Reading →

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