#59 The wrap up

So one last drip feed before we bring the new year in. I’ll be jumping on the bandwagon to bring you a special Alive & Amplified Top 10 tracks of 2013 over the next week but first we’ve got some last minute contenders to post up for you.

Starting with Dornik  – London based singer / songwriter / producer…just general all round musician. This popped up on his soundcloud page in the last month but is still unheard by so many ears! With a mash of sounds ranging from Michael Jackson to Sampha-esque beats and reminding me of the some 80’s soul this voice is got the power to have quite an impact. First single is released shortly so I hope more pops up on that soundcloud page to share with you soon.

Keeping it local to me let’s check in on Looks – a London trio who’ve released their most sophisticated track I’ve heard to date. ‘Looks’ shows off the boys vocal harmonies with a synthy string taking you through to the next chorus.

And what happens when you mix London producer Four Tet with the works of Canadian singer / producer Grimes. A beautifully ethereal version of the track ‘Human Once Again’ that is worth every second of the 5min24 that it plays.

Now those of you that have followed this blog for a while know I love my Aussie music scenes. Oscar Key Sung is a well known name to the Melbourne area – releasing beautiful tropical dance tunes that really capture the Flume / Ta-Ku sound that is doing the business down under. ‘All I Could Do’ is a great respite from the damn cold weather 🙂


And sticking out in the Melbourne area lets stop by Willow Beats with elements of Jessie Ware meats Jess Glyne and all the other soulful voiced females out there that can sing over a dance / sub / bass beat with gorgeously clear vocals – elements of Polcia too.

And wrapping up with D.D. Dumbo – taking the Patrick Wolf sound into a new era with a Jeff Buckley style vocal. A sure snug fit into my music collection any day – a very haunting vocal if you give it multiple listens. Big love for this.

Elise x


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