#58 …and not a christmas song in sight.

Not that I actively hate them…there’s just no good ones this year. The one great thing though with alt. music and christmas is that a lot of guitar bands are offering their own interpretation of the ‘christmas jumper’. My festive Queens Of The Stone Age number is en route as we speak. 

Musically this is perhaps the most exemplary comparison of Ben Khan to what people remember of Jai Paul. So it still remains to be seen what will happen with Ben’s future. Currently people (including myself) are enjoying the sound, but if there’s no development or movement with the sound I wonder if people will still await eagerly the next soundcloud upload. For now ‘Savage’ is a something to get your teeth into. 

*cough cough* Another reason to LOVE Brighton. They chuck out all kinds of talent. Something in the sea air I say. Hot off the back of Royal Blood making waves I found out about Eugene Quell. 
Apparently he’s been making music on cassette for at least 2 decades. You know I’m a sucker for scuzz and demo quality guitar tunes. Haha – I know nought else about Eugene’s discography, but I’d love to hear more. 

Swedish – soulful – INCREDIBLE VOICE. That’s about all you need to know with this one. Not much is known about Seinabo Sey, apart from the fact she is from Sweden, she’s been making music since 2011 at least, but again, not much is known. Turning from soul classic to full blown beautiful pop this is ‘Younger’.

Having met Young Fathers  a good 3…maybe 4 (?) years ago when they travelled all the way down from Edinburgh to the Roundhouse in North London to record with a world class producer in their studios, I’m not surprised they have continued to make really inspiration and alternative take on beats/urban/hip hop music. Although the track ‘War’ lacks the beatsy prowess of other tracks like Deadline, it makes up for it in lyrics and experimental successes. 

When your music’s released on LuckyMe you are usually quite good. But in my case I wasn’t aware of Cashmere Cat. This artist hadn’t ventured into my aural sphere until very recently, but the new tune ‘With Me’ has a mix of vocal, trap beats, dance…a lot to keep my ears entertained anyhow. 

NY duo Joshua and Sarah, aka Phantogram have been on this blog before. I think my comments were something along the lines of ‘the hair stands up on the back of my neck’… The next track definitely has a big impact again and news of the new album being released in February is bloody good news. 

Elise x


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