#56 Vocals rising to a ridiculous pitch

I usually associate that with artist like Burial…or The Chipmunks. But it seems Brooklyn trio Glass Gang are putting the vocals of MSMR’s Lizzy to good use here. A pretty trippy, electro experimental, short, but blood brilliant track to play here. ‘See It All’ is beautifully atmospheric with echoing bass and haunting low power vocals from the boys to finish it off.

Let’s get you familiar with London trio LYGER. It’s like packaging Royal Blood and QOTSA into one little bundle. Since this is their only public song then it could be a fluke…but I really hope it’s not. It’s about time London regained it’s place up there as the home of incredible alt. rock. It’s done it before…it can reclaim it’s title back of the Leeds/Brighton folk (who are killing it at the moment).

Whilst The Weeknd is off making the big headlines there’s a Southampton lad called Barnaby who’s making some beautiful vocal lead RnB inspired tunes. Again, another artist in their infancy, but this sounds great. ‘Bored’ really plays on the minor keys and echo to the max.

Oh hi Seattle. What you got for us there? Postmadonna? A prog-rock math band?! Well that doesn’t sound half bad. And indeed it’s not! Part of the ADHD music scene that’s brewing over in the states. I’m not sure who ‘Cathy’ is – but it’s a nice ode to her with this little ditty.

And leaving you with some awesomely dirrrrty rock’n’roll out of Canada from The Dirty Nil.  Stating ‘The Dirty Nil play rock and roll – cause they couldn’t do a damn thing else if they tried.’ is never a bad thing in my books. Check out a rather raucous example with ‘Nicotine’ here.

Elise x


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