#55 Bombay Bicycle Club never let us down

Even when they went off and had a more acoustic twist a few years ago I still thought it was stand out. None of this singer-songwritery shite that pops up now and then, nor stripped back pop songs. Something special. Moving with the times, Bombay Bicycle Club have come back with this absolute stonker of a tune! ‘Carry Me’ is perfect for BB Club fans and for capturing the ears of a whole new generation of fans. Go team!

Thank god for the Australian music scene. Varied, retro and some really on it new artist like Flume (who’ll feature later in this blog), Violent Soho and The Holidays. With mild vocals and that oh so popular electro shoe-gazery infused sound that’ll fit nicely into a handful of iPods I’m keen to hear more with these guys.

Now fans of hip hop / urban / Drake in  particular may have heard ‘Too Much’ from the latest album Nothing Is The Same. It’s not a bad tune give it that with the beautiful vocals of Sampha that we definitely know from the world of SBTRKT and from early Jessie Ware days duetting. I’ve heard this stripped back vocal version of ‘Too Much’ posted by Sampha’s lable YoungTurks just last week. A fantastic new line to British music with this inspirational vocal improv.

Keeping in the vein of vocal talent lets not ignore the wonder that is Mikky Ekko. Shooting to international awareness level by writing and featuring on Rihanna’s melodic ‘Stay’, he is a whole bundle of joy just by himself. Picked up this untweaked vocal version of the recent track ‘Kids’ sounding incredible. Especially the first 60 seconds where the  raw vocal is truly inspirational.

Ol’finger flipping MIA is back with her fourth album ‘Matangi’. Infused with Indian beats and a bit of ruthless MIA vocal prowess there’s some great songs here. It’s not a 15 track smash that I wanted it to be, but definitely worth buying for the 80% that is.

PS – if you want to hear MIA embrace ‘the trap’ check out ‘Double Bubble Trouble’. I think I like. And wouldn’t it be nice to hear a Diplo collab for future? Thinking aloud there.

Speaking of Diplo and crew – it’s about time Major Lazer released another tune. Thankfully they have with ‘Jet Blue Jet’. Super catchy and for those who’ve seen team Lazer live you’ll know this will be an instant hit for the awesome live set.  Despite being a rocker at heart, 99% of all Major Lazer songs just make me want to dance. At Reading this year they smashed it live – honestly. I loved it and it was the best party vibe I felt there all weekend.

Brighton rock-prodigies (with the truest inspired by Josh Homme sound I’ve ever heard) Royal Blood have tempted my ears over again with this B side to the mainstream song ‘Come On Over’. I wonder what they’d sound like covering some tracks from the self-titled QOTSA debut….hmmm. For now – some original music from them.

And leaving you with LA songstress Kelela taken from her debut mixtape that’s out now if you want to check out more. Forgot the Azealia Banks and Iggy’s of the world – this is vocal talent that’s not trying to be the next Beyonce.

Elise x



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