#53 Oh my god…she’s back!

By she I of course mean SZA. An amazing singer songwriter. We profiled her back in March where her work was described as ‘cryptically romantic pop’. And it still fits that mold and it keeps getting better. Going out on tour with Little Dragon in the states shortly I think she’s going to cause huge waves in the RnB and urban scene.


Ben Khan is bringing his own slice of R&B to the ‘Jai Paul’ scene in London. With a promising selection of tunes already out it’s also worth noting this artists tumblr which can often be brilliantly arty. ‘Eden’ is a wicked track.


Mapei is a a Swedish artist, but not in the same vein as the mass appeal female-lead vocalists that are kicking about at the moment. Similarities to Santigold here, but with a Major Lazer style moohmbaton beat brings this latest track to life. Having done very well in the USA it’s time for us Brits and beyond to take note.


Dream Attics are super brand new. Hailing from Chicago/Milwaukee area, Shane and Nick are making some beautiful dance, alt, electro infused music.  And with 75 likes on Facebook you can get in there early with possibly one of the new wave artists from the States.

Rock. Outta Stockholm. In the form of Sudakistan. What does the name mean? Who knows…but this is some rugged riffs that make me stand up and take notice of this band as much as I did many moons ago when I first heard The Hives. They’re not a remake of these Swedish legends, but they’re awesome rock music from the same part. Serves me well.

Elise x


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