#52 Male vocals leading the pack

Starting with Gambles. We’ve played him before on the blog aka the works of Matthew Siskin. The story goes that on a Costa Rican beach after a failed marriage and other woeful circumstances this beautiful music came into being. Now besides being the creative director of an interactive studio and having dealings with the mighty Queen B (Beyonce), he also makes some incredibly stripped back but captivating man & guitar music. This is the latest offering – sounding luscious. 

White Denim are a band that have driven my love for guitar driven rhythms and melodies and given a phenomenal musical performance every time I’ve seen them live. Never-ending love for these guys. ‘At Night In Dreams’ is a taster from the new album ‘Corsicana Lemonade’ that is released at the end of the month. From the opening riff you can guarantee there’ll be 100’s of people looking it up in tab form to learn…I’ll be one of them.


Blood Diamonds aka Michael Diamond is a new signing to Skrillex’s OWSLA label which means he’s in good company. Having already got good radio support both here and in his native stateside, ‘Osaka’ has it’s similarities to the Skrillex sound, but with some underground, ambient strings to it that make it quite a filmic and essentially enjoyable piece. 

Now young Sivu here has got himself on the live bill for the London Grammar tour.  Having started off with a far more vocally centered performance I wasn’t sure we’d be friends, (well…my ears to his music), but ‘I Lost Myself’ has such a layered and intelligent sound to it I can’t help but listen to the song in full and really appreciate every little sonic crevice he’s created. 

Haven’t seen this one live yet, but I really hope it’s as special as his music. 

Oh my god – this is my jam. 100%. I would have had a ball if I’d been born about 6-8 years earlier. I would have been in my teeny prime for the rise of Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins and the like. Luckily I got the enjoy their music anyway (just a bit later than everyone else) AND I’ve got Daylight. Straight outta Philadelphia and making music that is Nirvana #2. I love it. 

Although I’m not allowed to embed it – you should defo click over and listen Daylight – Siblings

And lastly for a proper club classic tune Panteros666 (no – nothing to do with Pantera the rockers). From my sketchy French translation it seems we have one Victor Watel responsible for making this racquet. And a great club filler with potential to fly!

Elise x


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