#54 Agressive Herpes

Not the name of a personal condition I wish to share with you, but the name of one of many new tracks uploaded by Sticky Shit, the next big thing...in a parallel universe perhaps.  If you manage to pick your way through this EP, definitely check out 'In Spastics Caskets'. Songs about dogs. Always worth casting... Continue Reading →

#53 Oh my god…she’s back!

By she I of course mean SZA. An amazing singer songwriter. We profiled her back in March where her work was described as 'cryptically romantic pop'. And it still fits that mold and it keeps getting better. Going out on tour with Little Dragon in the states shortly I think she's going to cause huge... Continue Reading →

#52 Male vocals leading the pack

Starting with Gambles. We've played him before on the blog aka the works of Matthew Siskin. The story goes that on a Costa Rican beach after a failed marriage and other woeful circumstances this beautiful music came into being. Now besides being the creative director of an interactive studio and having dealings with the mighty Queen... Continue Reading →

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