#51 SxSW 2014 is happening

SxSW 2-14 is definitely going ahead, but this time yours truly will be gracing the streets of Austin, Texas taking in all the new music and seeing old friends perform in a different part of the world. Very excited. Will do a few summary shows towards the festival bringing you the best of the SxSW line-up and of course, a SxSW wrap-up so you get all the goss.

But for now just making sure you’ve heard the new James Blake track? So he’s not only a nominee again at this years Mercury Music Prize, he’s rather tall…and did a stunning set earlier this week live in London town. Such a talented artist teaming up with some new friends for ‘Life Round Here’.  And still so young. Incredible artist.

Next up is Chase & Status showing off their prowess in the dance scene with another big vocalist (Pusha T) on the next sample we have from their new album ‘Brand New Machine’. Having heard the album sampler and seen them at Reading Festival this year there are definitely some ABSOLUTE tunes and suprising slowing jams that you’ll either get into or perhaps avoid a little. With a slight trap feel on this tune, it’s still going to sound epic in headphones and on systems around the globe. ‘We dance together, rave together, Chase & fucking Status’ MC Rage 25/09/2013 9pm-ish, Reading Festival.

Brighton’s starting to scare me a bit. It’s getting rather good at being a hot spot for making music. Soon Austin and Nashville will be a thing of the past and Brighton (and The Great Escape fest) will rule the musical world…maybe. But if Royal Blood is anything to go by, I’ll be stopping by there a fair bit. Two guys making a well formed racket, will some great melodic (but in no means pop) alt. rock tunes.

 Knytro is a London rapper. But unlike 99.9% of the other emerging rappers out there in the big smoke this one is shit hot. Having heard ‘Still Standing’. Having browsed through his ‘Project Haarpoon’ mixtape (which you can download for free), I’ve got hip-hop vibes, sick beats and sampling. The British Kendrick? We might have him right here.

I don’t really do gaming…but Clams Casino has written a new track that’s been featured on the new GTA game and it’s gone sky high. From being a name I’ve not heard of, I jumped on Facebook to find over 82k of you do know exactly who it is.  New Jersey at it’s finest and offering as a free download! Beats bosses like Benji B will be going mental for this and it sounds incredible if you like the sound of Burial and the like, or if you just like etheral late night music.

And sticking with the same style, worth giving you all a quick ear to the new Vessel track…

I really don’t understand Sleigh Bells. I get it – arguably Green Day have made a whole career out of playing about 6 chords in different set ups making hits for decades. The Hives have a sound so distinguishable it’s hard to place a track on a specific album over their discography, but still…Sleigh Bells actually do the same thing. Again and again. I wish they’d be more creative.

Bah! Nevermind – the reason I’m popping this one up is that I think it sounds very much like Infinity Guitars which is the first track of there’s a heard properly and got into.

Cakes Da Killa looks like he could be a crazy bitch. Luckily for me I don’t need to know, but he does make killa tunes. He also runs this club did you know. This has the potential to blow up like Azealia Banks 212 did if it gets under the right ears.

Can I throw one last ambient track in for the week? Ok cool – Machinedrum. Straight out of Berlin’s great underground dance scene and signed to the boss that is Ninja tunes. Highly recommended to listen on your best headphones or speakers (if you’re lucky enough to have a sound system). Late night car driving is also a great companion to this tune.

Elise x

#50 Guess who’s back…

Once you’ve completed the Eminem recitation we can get back to the fact I’ve returned from my New York adventure and have heard some amazing tunes. It’s ridiculous how much catching up you have to do in just 7 days.

If you’ve ever been to Cyber Dog then this rabid bass beat that opens the new Tessela won’t sound too new. Hardcore is being showcased in the British producers new tune and it sounds great! Happy clappers ahoyyyy!

Taking the dancey vibes down a notch a remix of a big tune brought to me by the boss of dance anthems Danny Howard this week: Hot Natured have certainly earnt the watchful eyes of the music industry from their previous single ‘Reverse Skydiving’, but when you pop Jacques Lu Cont on the remix of the new track ‘Isis’ it gives it something else. This is the kind of music I listen to and come out the other side wanting to take on the world and create a new me. Bit profound? Everyone’s a bit different, but the land of dance and trance has a place for everyone. What’s your take?

Not only have we got another rad tune from M.I.A. she’s gone and given us a pretty trippy video with some lucid colour schemes that are Puff the magic dragon. If you get me. If you can get past the first 90-100 seconds ‘Come Walk With Me’ turns into a fantastic indian infused beat albeit with bad grammar in the lyrics. Matangi is a wonderful human being to have in the music industry. The new album will be immense.

London trio Dems come back into the spotlight with a beautifully performed cover of Fragma – Toca’s Miracle (yeah – remember that one). Vocalist Dan really shows something special in this version, with new original material from the band coming soon. In the meantime – if this takes your fancy you can get it for free via their soundcloud.

At a time when I thought the initial fuss over Sohn had faded he goes and chucks out a track like ‘Lessons’. Already clocking up over 18k likes on Facebook and already accessing audiences in the states why not join the other 110,000 people who’ve pressed play on this next anthem.

If you’re missing a bit of Sampha, ambient vocal infused RnB inspired beats then Oceaán could well be right up your street. This Manchester producer has had this track on the net since July, but it seems only now that it’s turning out online heads.

Now since I was in Brooklyn recently I thought it only fair to bring you all back something a bit special from there. They come in the form of Phantogram and concoct an aural image of Imagine Dragons meets CHVRCHES meets MSMR. Joshua and Sarah make all the noise with beats and vocals. It almost reminds me of the hairs standing up on my neck when I first heard The Neighbourhood.

I always imagined Meg Myers would turn out to be the modern day Alanis Morissette but I think she’s still finding her sound and experimenting and getting angry and passionate and powerful in every tune she presents. And the new one ‘Desire’ shows no signs of slowing down and a great musical ride to go along with as a listener.

Returning to a more indie inspired area we meet an Australian band sounding like an ambient Fenech Soler for want of a comparison; but RÜFÜS are definitely doing it their own way. Since forming last year the trio have been incredibly busy touring and releasing their debut just last month.

This guy is so new that only the bizniz have the proper wav copies of the music, but if you’ve been to one of the Parquet Courts or are well on the pulse and have seen Theo Verney yourself, then you’ll know he’s done a damn fantastic job of mixing this new wave indie shiz (think Peace) and brought back some well deserved UMMMMPH in to the rocklight.  He has hair, he rocks out and his music sounds rad. Welcome to stardom.

And ending on something a little poppy for the AAA (Alive And Amplified) world, but quite refreshing compared to what you’ve already heard from the The 1975. Having had the pleasure of working with and meeting these fine folk numerous times now I am continually impressed by their eloquence and musical prowess for such young aritists. With no need to prove themselves to the opinionated blogger now after gaining a Number 1 album of late, this track is something a little different to the mainstream offering of the singles we know from the radio. A friend of mine said earlier this year they’d be selling out stadiums soon enough. After hearing this album with gems on it like this…I’m starting to believe him.

Elise x