#49 Stop The World

Sometimes music can make you stop dead in your tracks right? The first time you hear a bass line drop or an incredible riff. Still waiting for the new Arctic Monkeys stuff to hit me with something incredible, but there new tunes are very catchy. Give ’em that. Next from the ‘AM’ album that’s due out imminently is Stop The World, I Wanna Get Off With You’. Awful lyrics. Nice instrumental. Overlook the words and you’re looking at another hit. 

MØ – Just as we thought the hype had died Danish singer Karen Marie Ørsted gets Diplo on board for her new track. The chants and brass in the background are a Diplo giveaway, but a new platform for MØ to show off her vocal talent. Taken from her 4-track EP that’ll drop next month.

Before you click off at the first sign of Icona Pop in this blog, imagine M.I.A. meets a Diplo beat with a hint of trap. It’s actually brilliant. My Party takes on the rapping skills of New Yorker Zebra Katz who has elements of early Snopp Dogg. On beat alone, this song is a hit. 

I remember first hearing As Elephants Are earlier this year with ‘War Cry’ which fit in very well with the upcoming indie unsigned scene. They’re back no with ‘Crystal’ filling a very apparently and desperately needed gap where the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club have gone on a break. Let’s hope the Buckinghamshire 4-piece keep this momentum up.

Really loving the sound of unsigned Nottingham duo Kagoule. Giving my goosebumps over their double A-side Monarchy / Mudhole release. Bringing back all the things I loved about 00’s grunge revival and  rock. My Vitriol / (elements of) Babylon Zoo  , Silverchair to name a few. 

For the heavier rock fans amongst us you’ve probably heard of The Safety Fire – London 5-piece who release their album ‘Mouth Of Swords’ on Monday. I’d recommend the first and title track, but you can stream the full thing ahead of release here. Melodic, yet full of angst and raw emotion throughout. A great showcase of British rock. 

And leaving you this week with  the incredible Jaymes Young. After featuring this incredible LA artist on the blog I’ve just found out he’s been signed to Atlantic in the US / UK! Amazing! His debut LP ‘Dark Star’ is up on his soundcloud for free so you can browse an ear without guilt. Besides the tunes we’ve featured on the blog (‘Dark Star’, ‘Wondering’ and ‘Hold You Down’) this is a beautiful way to wrap up the EP. Jaymes Young is coming people. Remember where you heard him first….

Elise x


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