#48 Things that sound like other things, but a bit different, which is good.

Arguably all things sound a little bit like something else, but a little bit different. You can spend hours talking to other people about how this band sounds like that band with a bit of this artist in for the finishing touch. BUT…it is those little things that do make it a new song, a new style, a new way of doing things. Unless you’re One Direction…

First up, a new producer to my ears who has a wide platter of talent from filmic scores to dance anthems. Remixing Mancunian band ‘Glass Ankle’ is London producer Legomec, (via Leeds with origins in Switzerland), taking on the new wave indie pop sounds of Two Door Cinema Club, Dan Croll and Fun Adults, but doing something different. In fact, making this song a whole ‘nother level appealing by infusing electro and indie in one.

Wolf Alice remind me of a time when London was teeming with amazing bands like Hell Is For Heroes and My Vitriol. Female fronted, but not a shoegazer genre tag in site. Taken from the ‘Blush EP’ out in October.

So Sam Phillips, (a girl that is), reminds me eternally of The Bees – A Minha Menina, but also of so many happy moments associated with American drives and end credits I’ve seen in films.  Back after a two year absence from the world of music, she’s done us proud with this early 00’s American indie-alt rock throwback.

This band are the new FIDLAR. They come from LA, they make amazing scuzzy rock’n’roll music that I adore. They’ve toured with Wavves in the USA so they’re in with the right crowd, and their new album comes out tomorrow. Let me introduce Together Pangea to your summer mixtape.

Now this next one is rather interesting. Wymond Miles. A titan in the San Francisco area if you’re reading from thatta way, but to my ears, I hear Interpol. ‘Obstacle’ in particular if you’re a fan. That track is very reminiscent in this new track ‘Passion Plays’ we have below. But again, something tweaked and something new for the new music fans to discover.

So I guess you have to decide whether it’s more of the same or a new kind of different with all these recycled styles and indirect mimics in the music scene going on.

Leaving you with one definable pop-rock-emo anthem of a band. Who live in the same Fall Out Boy vein but to me have always done a better more twee job of it. ‘This Is Gospel’ will be another big hit for them to take out on tour with said FOB. Sing along now…

Elise x


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