#47 Writing like a proper blog

Lots of really brand new stuff on the blog this week so dive in with open ears.

Soulmind is someone you should check out if you like your trap. Seriously – this mix was released during the week ‘Slow Dancing In A Ski Mask’ and it sounds brilliant if you have a head for the moohmbaton infused beats. The opening 10 minutes and whatever banger is at the 20.49 mark is a worthy test for anyone’s subwoofers.

A long time ago I found a track called Machines by Kiss Kiss. Amazing video that I thoroughly recommend you spend a few minutes consuming. It’s experimental electro/pop/ indie sound really grabbed my attention but sadly no more came of them. I wouldn’t be suprised if they had regrouped as Porches who are our next heads up for the blog. aka New Yorker Aaron Maine. Taken from the full-length debut  “Slow Dance in the Cosmos” due out August 27th.

WARNING! You are about to be transported back to some grotty alleyway in the 90’s where caps on backwards and your denim shirt seven times too big was trendy. Say hi to Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs. Sounding so very much like a lot of other older bands, but bringing that fresh of-the-moment sound to it that means everyone under the age of about 18 won’t care if it’s old…because they’ve never heard it before.

Baltimore is alive with tropical sounds at the moment. Animal Collective – not a new name to many of you, but this next offering ‘Monkey Riches’ is really interesting. On 2nd . 3rd listen I’m still hearing new instruments that I didn’t hear the time before. Keeping me interested still. If you like wizards, old men and smiles the video might be one for you too. Look at that happy face!

Oh hi FREE DOWNLOAD! We love one of those right. Fans of Dan Croll meets Darwin Deez will love a load of this lot: COIN. Not a traditional Nashville sound from this four-piece by refreshing nevertheless.

And ending on someone we’re a bit more aware of – Moby – making some beautifully atmospheric music and picking some strong vocals from Cold Specks. It’s just waiting to feature on a film at an endearing moment…

Elise x


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